VigoLex law firm


VigoLex is a law firm that provides high quality services in the fields of IT law, intellectual property, gambling, real estate and other areas of law.

VigoLex was established in 2019 by joining together the professionals who have long worked in the field of legal support if IT business and entertainment industry. In 2020 the real estate specialists jointed the VigoLex team and in 2021 the office was opened in Odessa, one of the main directions of which is the representation of interests in criminal proceedings.


Provide legal services based on client needs, current legislation and best business practices.

VigoLex takes responsibility for the legal aspects of doing business so that customers can focus on the success and prosperity of their business.




VigoLex ideology implies a deep respect for the client, building fiduciary relationship and reliability in everything.

VigoLex offers individual solutions for each task, without templates, but using knowledge and experience of the best experts.

The purpose of the VigoLex team is to become the best choice for the clients and prove that they can entrust us with the most complicated legal issues.


TRUST is our constant guideline in relationships with clients, partners and between team members. Trust permeates all aspects of our professional activities and is the highest value of VigoLex.


Why VigoLex?


The VigoLex team has many years of experience and unique knowledge in IT law, online and offline gambling, as well as other high-risk business and e-commerce areas.


We do not have conventional solutions and traditional approaches, whereas every task is considered comprehensively with all traps and pitfalls.


We are not afraid of changes and new challenges. We are ready to improve and adjust in accrodance to the time-being requirements and client’s needs.


We understand that our client is interested not in the process but in the result. The result of the client is our reputation.

Our team

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