Genadii Chebanov


Head of a section on issues relating to franchising and work with public figures (PEP)

Expert in contract, corporate, business, fiscal, administrative and banking law.


Law expert, National University “Odessa Law Academy”


Ukrainian, Russian, English


Genadii exercises full legal support for commercial activity of corporate bodies: registry and obtainment of necessary consent documents; finalization and approval of different agreements with contractors; solving corporate disputes and incidents. Provides support during inspections of regulatory agencies, the appeal of a decision, commission and omission of government bodies as administrative and legal proceedings.

One of Genadii’s main areas of activity is legal support of business operating on a franchise basis. He has vast experience in representing the interests of the parties to a franchise and sub-franchise contract.

Genadii also has a successful experience in providing services related to the registration of credit legal relations in various financial institutions, as well as in passing financial monitoring.

Genadii’s other field of activity is work with public figures (PEP) in terms of compliance, filling out electronic declarations by state officials, and the representation of their interests in courts in disputes to protect honour, dignity and business reputation.

+38 097 215 66 70