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Taxes are one of the main expenditures of any business, but their sum largely depends on where, by what entity and on what conditions the business is conducted. Therefore, companies constantly have questions in the field of tax law that need to be resolved quickly and efficiently.

VigoLex provides a range of services aimed at providing comprehensive advice to clients on taxation, tax planning, minimization of tax risks and costs, support of tax disputes, etc.

Everyone has to pay taxes. But the question is: when and how much . The business prosperity largely depends on the correct answer to these questions

When talking of taxes in the business field, first of all it is worth mentioning tax consulting. This stage is essential. After all, before solving a problem, one needs to exactly determine its nature. VigoLex provides tax consulting services within the framework of both Ukrainian and foreign legislation.

Following tax consulting, it is time for tax planning of corporate activities. At this time it is required to apply theory to practice: the consulting results need to be implemented into a specific plan of actions.

At this stage VigoLex, along with its clients, determines the jurisdiction of the company incorporation and, if necessary, looks up business partners for this procedure, as well as draws up a detailed individual tax plan for the company and advises clients on its implementation.

One should not forget of monitoring the tax standing of the business. VigoLex advises clients to regularly conduct a basic legal audit in order to timely detect inaccuracies in bookkeeping and tax accounting, as well as to identify possible tax risks associated with the company activities.

The experience of VigoLex team proves that regular audits are very useful both for tax and financial reporting and (in the worst case) for protecting the company in disputes with regulatory authorities.

If the tax authorities are interested in the company and its tax liabilities and legal requirements compliance are disputed, VigoLex specialists are ready to provide clients with legal support for tax audits and disputes with the tax administration.

It is important to understand that even the irreproachable tax structure and the company activitiy cannot completely protect it from, albeit unfounded, claims from the regulatory authorities. If one acts in such disputes independently, without involving lawyers, large financial and temporal losses may be incured.

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