Registration of employees

Hiring employees is an integral part of any business. The increased responsibility of employers for the use of hired labor without proper registration and the increased tax load are prompting company managers to consider the ways to utilize hired labor correctly, without breaking the law.

Official employee registration  is no longer in doubt, since the legislation provides for significant penalties. The best choice is to entrust the process of employee registration to qualified specialists.

The process of employee registration  is not limited only to writing an application and filling out a personnel order. Many legal nuances can be hidden in it.

In general, the procedure for registering labor relationship consists of several steps:

  • checking whether the future employee belongs to the privileged category; whether such an employee is prohibited from performing certain work or occupying certain positions, whether he/she was brought to criminal responsibility; whether he/she has been registered in any other companies;
  • conclusion of a labor contract with an employee – if the future employee does not insist on the written contract, then an order or direction of the employer’s authorized body is drawn up to hire the employee;
  • notification of the tax authorities about a new employee, after which the employee can start performing his/her duties.

In addition, VigoLex pays attention to the widespread practice in the IT, when the majority of specialists provide their services as private entrepreneurs based on civil law contracts. This model of customer-contractor relationship is convenient for both parties – customer does not need to pay SSC (Single Social Contribution) and other fees for the employee, and contractor can receive a higher payment. However, there is a risk of requalification of such relationship from civil to labor. This can have consequences in the form of penalties. In this case, VigoLex gives clear recommendations on how to avoid such a risk and distinguish between labor and civil relationship with IT specialists.

A separate category includes specialists from other countries who can be admitted to work in Ukraine only after obtaining a work permit, the obtainment of which is a sufficiently specific procedure. On the other hand, VigoLex also helps Ukrainian citizens to obtain appropriate work permits in other countries, which is especially important for the IT field.

Therefore, do not underestimate the correctness of compliance with the procedure for registering labor relations. VigoLex lawyers have extensive experience in registering employees of different categories, including foreigners, and provide comprehensive support for the entire process, maintaining an individual approach to the request of each client.

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