Migration Law

The economic crisis and low wages, inadequate education and healthcare level are prompting Ukrainians to think about going abroad for temporary or permanent residence in search of happier living conditions, opportunities to feel safe and financially secured.

2021 was a record year for the number of Ukrainians who changed their place of residence – during this year more than 600 thousand citizens of Ukraine went abroad and did not return.

But February 24, 2022 and the beginning of the war forever changed the usual way of life of Ukrainians, when hundreds of thousands of our citizens began to flee en masse from the war abroad. As a result, they became forced migrants and faced a number of legal, financial and domestic problems.

Moving to another state has not only obvious pros but also cons. The language barrier, the difficulty of finding a job in one’s profession, the high cost of living, the unusual climate and cuisine, the lack of close people are what Ukrainians often encounter abroad.

Emigration from Ukraine is a responsible decision that takes a long time to implement and properly executed documents.

As a general rule (not under martial law), in order to go abroad for the next permanent stay in another country, you must deregister in Ukraine, which is marked in the citizen’s passport, as well as a stamp of departure to foreign state is affixed in the international passport. Therefore, the person is registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Emigration permits are issued by the migration service in the territory of Ukraine, as well as by diplomatic missions and consulates – abroad. The decision is made by these authorities within 3 months.

To live in a new country, it is advisable to obtain official status, which requires a reasonable basis. Each country has its own unique legislation governing relations with migrants and the procedure for obtaining it.

To legally reside in a foreign country you will need to obtain the appropriate documents, the type of which depends on the grounds and length of stay:

  • long-term visa.For example, a work visa issued to a person on the basis of an invitation from the employer, or a student visa, which requires an invitation to study from a foreign university;
  • temporary residence permit (TRP) issued for a certain term.Thus, in Austria it is possible to obtain it, in particular, by financially independent persons who have sufficient income and do not plan to work in the country;
  • permanent residence permit (PRP).For example, in Cyprus, it is possible to obtain permanent residence in the short term on the basis of the purchase of real estate worth 300,000 Euros and the fulfillment of a number of other requirements;
  • passport of a foreign citizen.The basis for obtaining citizenship may be long-term residence in the country with a small number of departures abroad, marriage to a foreign citizen, etc.
  • in connection with the war, the EU countries provide temporary protection that allows you to stay in the EU, the right to work in the country where the certificate of temporary protection was obtained, the right to access medicine, education, certain social benefits, etc.

VigoLex provides legal assistance for emigration from Ukraine. As a result, the client receives comprehensive answers to their questions and documents required to move abroad for temporary or permanent residence.

VigoLex team offers:

  • consultations on the procedure for obtaining temporary protection in the EU countries;
  • consultationsonleavingUkraine, obtainingaresidencepermitandpermanentresidenceinaforeigncountry, obtaining, replacing, extendingandrenewingthenecessarydocuments, including:
  • permission to leave for permanent residence outside Ukraine;
  • temporary/permanentresidencepermit inaforeignstate;
  • preparation and submission of a package of documents, as well as obtaining the right to leave for permanent residence outside Ukraine, residence permit or permanent residence abroad;
  • legalsupportinthebodiesoftheStateMigrationServiceofUkraineandforeignauthorities;
  • representationoftheclient’sinterestsincourtson the issues ofmigration, citizenship, appealsagainstacts of publicauthorities.
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