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Choosing office premises is an important step for an entrepreneur. It is hard to imagine a successful business without a full-fledged workspace. Not only for beginning entrepreneurs, but also for reputable companies, renting an office is a more profitable option than buying a premise to own. The office main task and function is a meeting place with clients, partners, means of communication for employees. Therefore, the office location and its characteristics can significantly affect the profitability of a business.

In addition, the office can also become the place of legal registration – legal address

Correspondence from government agencies is also sent to the legal address. In addition, contractors, partners and other persons wishing to contact the company, first of all, use the information specified in USR (the United State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations of Ukraine).

When looking for office premises, a company or an entrepreneur may encounter a number of legal nuances, to clarify which it is better to seek high-quality legal assistance from VigoLex.

Registration of the location of a legal entity in an apartment

Today this issue is still disputable. According to the Ukrainian legislation, a person has the right to use residential premises, including for conducting economic activities or leasing premises for the same purposes. However, the same Civil Code establishes that if the lessee is a legal entity, then it can use the real estate only for the individuals’ residence. This is, in fact, the risk of invalidating such a lease agreement. In this case, the issue of requalification of the premises from residential into non-residential may arise. The position of government agencies is still ambiguous here.

Mass registration address

A quite common service in big cities is the “lease of a legal address”. This service implies the conclusion of a lease agreement and services for forwarding mail, which comes to the name of such a “lessee”. Actually and physically, the company does not operate at this address. This location becomes a “mass registration address” and the companies registered here are automatically classified as “risky”. Therefore, even if an enterprise is located in good faith at such an address and all its actions are legal, it automatically receives “particular” attention from the tax authorities.

Actual and legal address

After selecting a new office and resolving all issues with the move, do not forget about such an important point as changing the company’s location in USR. It should be remembered that all government agencies contact the company exclusively at the address indicated in USR. So, all inquiries, letters, summons, etc. will be sent to the “official address”. Moreover, it can negatively affect the business reputation. Thus, any contractor can think about continuing cooperation if the actual and legal addresses do not coincide.

Working in coworking space

Renting a workplace in a coworking space is a great opportunity to start your own business inexpensively for individual professionals, freelancers or even small companies. As a rule, only a workplace is rented, but sometimes it is possible to simultaneously “rent” a legal address, which can be shown officially. The convenience of a coworking space can hardly be overestimated, since a beginning entrepreneur should not worry about an office or paying utility bills, the Internet, etc. In addition, as a rule, coworking companies provide office equipment, meeting rooms and even coffee.

When searching for office premises, VigoLex takes into account not only the convenience of location, prestige and price of the office, but also the absence of any negative legal consequences for the client in the future. Choosing the correct and reliable place for the client’s business is an important task for the company’s lawyers.

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