Tax disputes

Resolving of a tax dispute is a long, expensive and complex process, the success of which depends on many factors. It is necessary to collect a convincing evidence base, properly prepare procedural documents, and most importantly – have time to do this within the time limits established by law. Constant changes in the national tax and procedural legislation add complexity.

VigoLex team will help the business deal with all the intricacies of judicial and pre-trial (administrative) settlement of tax disputes, as well as successfully complete them in favor of the client. VigoLex attorneys and lawyers provide a full range of services for appealing tax notices-decisions, as well as other decisions, actions or omissions of tax authorities.

Tax disputes are often among the most difficult categories of cases due to complexity of legislation and inconsistent policy of tax authorities

Services on tax dispute resolution include legal assistance and advices on the following issues:

  1. Pre-trial (administrative) appeal to tax notices-decisions:
  • drafting and filing complaints against tax notices-decisions;
  • representing the client’s interests before the tax authorities during pre-trial appeal of tax notices-decisions;
  • advising on the issues that arise during pre-trial appeal of tax notices-decisions.

2. Legal resolution of tax disputes:

  • preparation of the evidence base and arguments in support of the illegality of the disputed tax notices-decisions;
  • drawing up a statement of claim, submitting it to court;
  • preparation of all necessary procedural documents;
  • preparation and submission to court of appeals, cassations, as well as other necessary statements in medias res;
  • representation of the client’s interests in courts of all instances;
  • advising on the issues of legal resolution of tax disputes.

3. Judgement enforcement:

  • establishment of judicial control over the judgment enforcement;
  • recognition of the unlawful inactivity of tax authorities regarding the judgment non-execution;
  • a judgment enforcement.

Furthermore, VigoLex lawyers are engaged in resolution of disputes related to tax invoices registration and adjustments calculations to them, non-admission of representatives of tax authorities to the audit and appeal against the legality of the company inclusion in the audit schedule.

VigoLex offers its clients only effective and efficient remedy mechanisms in tax disputes. Our company will develop a strategy that will be optimal in your particular situation.


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