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What is medical law?

Medical law is one of the branches of law and spheres of business activity, which is becoming more and more popular every year, due to modern world trends and external factors. In Ukraine, medical law as a branch of law covers a significant number of public relations related to the provision of medical services to patients, circulation of drugs, psychotropic substances, supply of equipment, activities of laboratories, medical centers, dental clinics, beauty salons, drug certification and more.

Today, a number of regulations governing the medical field have been adopted, the main of which is the Law of Ukraine entitled “Fundamentals of the Legislation of Ukraine on Health Care“, but it is not the only one, and therefore only creates a certain basis from which to start in its activities.

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Medical law is considered one of the most complex branches, because so far it has not been possible to unify medical legislation, and therefore medical relations are governed by different branches of law: civil, commercial, administrative, criminal and so on.

Who needs medical law?

In today’s world, legal services in the field of medical law are necessary for:

legal entities: clinics, medical centers, dental offices, beauty salons, massage rooms, laboratories, research institutions, drugstores;

individuals: patients, clients, their relatives and families.

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