Preparation for accreditation of medical institution

What is accreditation for?

State accreditation of a medical institution refers to the recognition of the status of a medical institution, which has all the conditions for the provision of high-quality medical care, as well as guarantees high quality and professional level of medical services provided.

Accreditation of medical institutions is carried out in order to:

  • analyze the activities of existing medical institutions, determine the human resources and distribute the workload among medical institutions;
  • to determine the level and condition of the existing material and technical base, technologies used in medical activities;
  • provide patients with the opportunity to receive high-quality medical services;
  • to carry out the necessary preparation of institutions for the changes provided by the medical reform;
  • to optimize the system of medical institutions, including through the termination of activities or their reorganization.

By the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of 14.03.2011 No. 142 “On improving the state accreditation of healthcare institutions” with changes and amendments (hereinafter referred to as the Order), the standards for state accreditation of healthcare institutions were approved (download the standards).

Thus, this Order states that the standards of state accreditation of healthcare institutions (hereinafter referred to as the Standards) are the requirements for the process, conditions and results of medical and sanitary care in a healthcare institution.

Keep in mind that the assessment is carried out only in relation to those standards that correspond to the profile of the medical institution, that is, for example, the dental office does not need to receive an assessment under the “medical genetic service” section.

Documents required for accreditation

To obtain accreditation for a medical institution, you must submit the following documents:

  • the application for state accreditation;
  • a copy of the Regulation (the Articles of association) of a healthcare institution, certified by a notary (except for the Articles of association, published on the portal of electronic services);
  • a copy of a certificate of ownership or a lease agreement for premises, other documents for the right to use, including equipment necessary for the provision of medical and preventive care, certified in accordance with the established procedure;
  • the approved structure of the healthcare institution;
  • the information about the personnel, indicating the qualification level and education;
  • the information on the condition of the material and technical base;
  • the results of the analysis of the institution activities in terms of the quality of medical care and the criteria for its assessment;

Cost and terms

At the moment, the current legislation provides that the Main Accreditation Commission must conduct accreditation within three months from the date of registration of the application for accreditation and the attached package of documents (in the absence of comments) received from the healthcare institution.

The decision of the territorial accreditation commissions is approved by the Main Accreditation Commission and communicated to the medical institution within 10 days. Please note that this decision must contain information about the date and number of the minutes of the Main Accreditation Commission, which approved the decision of the territorial accreditation commission.

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