Copyright registration in Ukraine

The Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Related Rights” determines that the subject of copyright, in order to confirm the authorship for a published or unpublished work, the fact and the date of publication of a work or agreements that relate to the author’s right for a work, at any time during the term of copyright protection can register its copyright in the relevant registries.

Copyright registration is voluntary, since all property and non-property copyrights in a work arise and are protected from the moment of its creation

In Ukraine, as in other countries of the world, any types of works that belong to works of literature, science and art, for example: books, brochures, articles, speeches, lectures, sermons, computer programs, databases, musical works, films, etc. are subject to copyright.

The administrative functions of registering copyright and copyright transfer agreements, maintaining registers and publishing newsletters and issuing relevant documents are performed by the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine.

The legislation provides for:

  • registering copyright for a work;
  • registering right for a service work;
  • registering an agreement that concerns the author’s right for a work.

In order to register the copyright for a work, VigoLex team of lawyers prepares and submits the package of documents, which includes:

  • application in the established form;
  • a copy of a work (in material form, on a memory medium or in another established form);
  • if available, a document confirming a work publication;
  • confirmation of state duties payment;
  • power of attorney for representation;
  • other documents required depending on the type of work, for example: when registering copyright for a computer program, instructions on how to use it are provided, for a database – instructions and a description of the database structure.

The documents are considered within one month from the date of submission to the Ministry of Economy, after which the applicant is issued the certificate of state registration of copyright for the work.

As for the registration of copyright for a service work, in addition to the listed materials, a document is also submitted confirming the ownership of copyright for a work created in connection with the performance of an employment contract.

It is also important to understand that such a certificate does not have a legal nature and is issued under the applicant’s responsibility, because during the application consideration, no examination of the work is carried out, the reliability of the information presented is not checked and the fact of authorship’s origin is not established.

In general, with the qualified legal assistance of VigoLex the copyright registration process in Ukraine is a simple and relatively quick procedure that will help to more reliably protect copyrights.

The VigoLex сompany is also ready to provide support in other countries, since many clients use their content not only in the territory of Ukraine. At the same time, it is interesting to note that in some countries, for example, Germany, Poland, France, the Czech Republic, there is no official registration of copyright. These functions can be performed by private organizations that provide services for the deposit of works, registration and issuance of certificates and other documents.

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