Snizhana Tkachuk



Contract law, corporate law, real estate law


Irpen State College of Economics and Law, Junior Specialist.


Ukrainian, Russian


Snizhana Tkachuk is engaged in registration of business in Ukraine (legal entities, individual entrepreneurs), prepares individual statutory documents and documents of operational business activities, as well as registration with regulatory and other state bodies.

Snizhana analyzes all the documents of the developer and construction-related companies for the legality of construction (registration documents, developer permits for construction, checking the land plot under construction, studying other construction documents). Experienced in checking real estate for arrests, prohibitions on alienation and mortgages.

Together with other team members, she participates in negotiation processes for the conclusion of service agreements, lease agreements, supply agreements, and is also involved in their preparation and proper execution.

Snizhana Tkachuk is a young specialist who learns quickly and clearly sees her future in jurisprudence. Snizhana’s sphere of interests is commercial and corporate law, as well as law in the field of real estate.

+38 097 215 66 70