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The trend of expanding the field of external services is increasingly covering the Ukrainian market. In order to obtain timely and expert solutions of managerial and organizational tasks for personnel management, enterprises apply to external consultants for the search and recruiting of personnel. Having a favorable reputation at the market, VigoLex also provides assistance in recruiting of qualified personnel for IT and high-risk businesses.

The issue of proper staffing always remains relevant for VigoLex clients. For this reason, our team has formed a holistic approach, taking into account a significant experience in labor and civil law, that allows to satisfy any client’s needs in recruiting and minimize all possible risks.

VigoLex advantages in accounting services:

  • availability of successful experience in the search and recruitment of narrowly focused specialists for high-risk businesses;
  • a constantly updated database of profile specialists, which allows you to quickly respond to a client’s request to fill vacancies;
  • a developed methodology for testing the professional knowledge and skills of candidates, ensuring that the recommended candidate meets the client’s requirements;
  • an opportunity to formalize relationship with specialists correctly.

Current trends also point to a particularly high demand for technical talents. The technologies industry is growing and developing rapidly, therefore, it is quite difficult and expensive to find, assess and retain technical specialists. However, still possible.

IT is a specific market where the recruiter’s task is attracting candidates, and not vice versa

At the same time, the recruiter must be up-to-date and well versed in IT. This is one of the advantages that allows VigoLex to successfully cope with the clients’ staffing needs.

In today’s realities, the recruitment of IT specialists is most often carried out on the basis of outsourcing or outstaffing. The difference between them is fundamental.

Outsourcing is the personnel’s attraction to execute works or provide services, in which the direct executor responsible for the result of works is the executing company, and not a specific specialist or team. In this case, the work is carried out, as a rule, in the territory of the executing company. The customer company pays for the services of the executing company, which includes team building services and services for the final product provision.

Outstaffing is the search and “provision” by the executing company of a team of specialists to execute works or provide services, which will be responsible for the result of the works. In this case, the work is carried out, as a rule, in the territory of the customer company. The customer company pays to the executing company only for the team building services, while the customer company pays for the services on the final product provision directly to IT specialists.

The recruitment process with VigoLex is a comprehensive individual approach to the request: assistance in assessing the position, creating a competency profile, determining the most applicable channels for finding specialists, methods for assessing candidates, presenting candidates to the customer.

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