1. About the company

VigoLex is a highly specialized law firm that renders a full scope of legal services for setting up IT and e-commerce businesses, online and offline casinos, as well as in other areas of high-risk commercial activities. VigoLex was established in 2019 by bringing together professionalswith long-term experience in the fields of IT law and legal assistance of the entertainment industry.

2. Our Mission and Vision

Render legal services to high-tech and high-risk business, on the basis of Client needs, valid legislation, and best business practices. VigoLex takes responsibility for the legal aspects of doing business so Clients could focus on the success and prosperity of their activity. Vision VigoLex is one of the best-known and most demanded Ukrainian law firms in IT law. The widest range of legal services in the mentioned and related branches of law, utilization of best legal practices and innovative technical solutions, comprehensive approach to each project and resolving legal issues of the highest level of complexity, systematic approach to activities based on international management standards, best customer service and 100% satisfied Clients. All these aspects of our business pledge the fact that Clients always make an unambiguous choice in favor of VigoLex. In 2023, VigoLex leads the TOP-5 chart of Ukrainian law firms in the field of IT.

3. Our values

The primary value of VigoLex is TRUST.
Trust is our constant guideline in establishing relations with Clients, partners, and our team. Trust permeates all aspects of our business and is a fundamental, essential value in understanding of and contribution to such important concepts as:
● Responsibility
We accept responsibility for the results of our work. We strive for our Clients and partners to have faith in the results of our work without any doubts or hesitations and to be confident in the quality of services or actions. We expect from our employees the best signs of competence, interest and, subsequently, the highest indications of the quality of their work, to accept the results with TRUST, without inspections, repeated actions or refinements.
● Honesty and openness
Our goal is to establish long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. We are building open and transparent relations with all Clients, partners and employees. In return, this ensures mutual understanding and a reliable TRUSTful and mutually beneficial companionship.We gain the loyalty and TRUST of Clients, partners and employees by doing business only honestly and in accordance with business ethics.
● Everlasting growth
We strive for leadership in all manifestations of our activity, we do our best to move forth. We are fascinated by complex and non-trivial projects that give a sense of challenge and make us to push the boundaries of our knowledge and capabilities, spanning further and further horizons. That is why we are constantly learning and developing. We ceaselessly work on important innovations in the legal field, individualization of each request, improving the professionalism and efficiency of our work.
● People
Understanding the significance and individuality of our team members, each Client and partner, we create a welcoming and TRUSTful work environment, maintain a culture of mutual respect, acceptance, support, and care. We categorically reject negative and unconstructive actions in the relationship – neglect in communication or deeds, insults, disregard of interests, discrimination on any grounds.

4. General principles of VigoLex corporate ethics.VigoLex:

● bases its activities on the principles of acknowledgment of the rule of law in all domains of socio-economic life;
● builds relationships with its employees on the principles of devotion to human rights and personal dignity, creating equal opportunities for all employees;
● builds relationships with partners on the principles of trust, honesty, objectivity and integrity;
● builds dealings with competitors on the principles of free and fair competition with strict adherence to the rules and regulations of business ethics;
● bases dialogue and relations with the authorities on the principles of openness, partnership and cooperation;
● sets Ukrainian, English and Russian as the primary working languages ​​of communication in the Company;
● distances from political activities and does not interfere and is not responsible for the political activities of its Clients and partners;
● does not participate in religious activities, but respects freedom of thought and religion.

5. Principles of VigoLex corporate ethics – Clients.

We daily do our best to justify the trust of our customers. We bare interest in establishing long-term partnerships with Clients and overwhelmingly invest into the development of such relationships. We strive for openness in our customer relations and provide them with comprehensive and accurate information about our services and capabilities.If rendering due services is impossible for any reason, we shall honestly and openly caution the Client of it, if feasible, recommend our partners who will be able to provide suitable services of the highest quality. With respect to our Clients’ interests, we do our best to minimize any risks. Our priority is trust of our Clients, as the Client’s trust is the paramount asset of the Company and its main value. We are constantly working on the improvement of customer service, development and implementation of new processes, utilizing the best legal practices, modern technologies and innovations of global leaders of the legal market in order to constantly exceed customer expectations. Additionally, we make efforts to expand our capabilities to create the most convenient servicing environment, to ensure access to the Company's services. In addition, due to the constant development, we endeavor to achieve the leading position in legal services market. We respect dignity of our Clients and undertake following commitments:
● to render legal services entirely of the highest quality in accordance with their demands;
● to honestly treat our Clients in all aspects of business;
● to make equal conditions for all our Clients;
● to strictly adhere to confidentiality and information security in all aspects of our relations;
● to timely and carefully contemplate probable difficulties of cooperation with Clients, react to complaints and resolve issues constructively and in optimal timeframe. In case of conflict of interests, we deem our duty to do everything possible to resolve it, and if such conflict of interest cannot be avoided, we are ready to refuse rendering services to the Client.

6. Principles of VigoLex corporate ethics – Partners

We cooperate with business partners (contractors, freelancers, consultants) on the basis of long-term cooperation, mutual benefit, respect, trust, honesty and fairness, as well as on the basis of objectivity and economic feasibility. We cooperate with dependable business partners who conduct legitimate activity. We treat all partners fairly and equally. Our decisions of partners are based on such objective criteria as price, quality, terms, dependability and decency of the partner. We investigate and, if appropriate, accept, adopt and implement new best practices and processes from our partners. This enables an optimal organization of cooperation. Principles of cooperation with partners:
● we meticulously and abidingly fulfill our contractual obligations to business partners and demand the same in return;
● all disputes and conflicts arising during the cooperation are resolved legitimately and lawfully;
● we always seek for mutually acceptable compromises;
● we adhere to confidentiality, information security, as well as require same from partners, we do not disclose information of partners that may cause them or the Company material or other damage, except where such disclosure is required by law;
● we strictly follow to legal requirements of our partners’ jurisdictions.

7. Principles of VigoLex corporate ethics – Employees

We enable relationships with Company’s employees on the following principles:
● thorough observance and compliance to all ethical, moral standards, as well as all regulatory requirements regarding organization of labor and leisure, labor protection;
● meticulous adherence by the Company of all its obligations to employees, expecting that employees equally meticulously fulfill their obligations to the Company, signifying high standards of business conduct, commitment to the interests, strategies and goals of the Company;
● creation and maintaining of a friendly and trustful work environment, keeping a culture of mutual respect, acceptance, support and care;
● conscientious compliance and enactment of corporate policies, regulations, rules, instructions and other internal regulatory documents of the Company;
● due adherence and following of work schedules and other internal rules;
● employee’s loyalty to the Company and the Company’s loyalty to employees. The Company does not use child labor in any way, but is ready to participate in voluntary training and internships for youths to provide them with information of the legal career. In no case, the Company resorts to forced labor. Any coercion is unacceptable.