Offline and online casinos

Despite extensive digitalization and transfer of almost all daily activities to the net, there are still connoisseurs of classic casinos with croupiers, roulettes and table games. These reputable establishments always attract with their luxury, refinement and splendor. Suffice it to recall the chic casinos in Monaco, Las Vegas and Singapore.

Classic casinos are entertainment establishments attracting tourists and help the government through employment of citizens, payment of taxes, charitable programs and other forms of social responsibility

However, opening an offline casino is not an easy task, and each jurisdiction has its own legal requirements. Even with an efficient business plan, sufficient investments and administrative resources, a business may not start to profit due to legal issues.

VigoLex team supports offline casinos from the moment of their incorporation, assists obtaining necessary licenses and permits, resolves issues with public authorities, banks, assists in hiring employees, searching and registering real estate, maintaining accounting and financial statements.

Due to legalization of gambling in Ukraine, from now on, casino establishments will be able to operate absolutely legally subject to the statutory requirements.

In order to open a casino establishment in Ukraine, you must have:

  • a license that allows you to open a single casino;
  • a 5-star hotel in Kyiv for 150 guest rooms or a 4/5-star hotel for 100 guest rooms in other regions or a suburban recreation complex (two or more real estate objects of at least 10 thousand м²) with a 5-star hotel. Real estate can be owned or leased;
  • one or more premises with the overall total area of at least 500 m²;
  • 10 gamingtables (includingatleast 2 ones witharoulette) andatleast 50 slotmachines – iftherearemorethan 500 thousandinhabitantsinasettlement;
  • 5 gaming tables (including at least 1 with a roulette) and at least 20 slot machines – if there are less than 500 thousand inhabitants in a settlement or outside settlements;
  • at least 50 officially hired employees.

Practice demonstrates that online casinos not only keep up with traditional offline ones, but also have their own advantages: stability, scalability, global availability round the clock, as well as flexibility of formats that satisfy the tastes of absolutely diverse gamblers. And, importantly, the costs for online gambling business owners are significantly lower than when running an offline casino.

Undoubtfully, the future belongs to online casinos. But launching an online gambling project requires profound technical and legal expertise. Moreover, even in the process of creating software, it is necessary to follow the legal requirements regarding gamblers’ identification, the quality of random numbers generation, collecting personal data, betting limits, individual limits, and the very concept of the game in question. It is important to understand that each jurisdiction sets its own restrictions in order to reduce the negative impact of gambling on society. This is particularly true with regard to the age of the target audience and advertising.

It is almost impossible to do everything properly without assistance of experienced specialists in this area. VigoLex lawyers successfully accompany dozens of projects with licenses from Curacao, Malta and the UK, guarantee and ensure legal activities for business owners.

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