Offline and Online Poker

The classic casino has always been associated with poker tables, which attract enthusiasts not only to try their luck, but also to compete with their intellectual abilities, psychological skills and bluffing.

Poker is a card game in which you need to collect the best combination of cards to win. There is distinguishing between cash poker, where the main goal is winning money, and poker as a sport, where gamblers compete for prizes

In Ukraine, for example, in 2018 sport poker is deemed a permitted sport, and anyone can play sport poker in a poker club. There are many tournaments in sport poker, in particular, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) – same as a world championship in other sports.

Nevertheless, even casino poker is not considered gambling in its traditional form. It is based not so much on chance as on abilities, skills and experience, although there is still a share of chance. Inside a casino, visitors play either cash poker or a game against a casino (for example, Caribbean Poker).

VigoLex lawyers who have many years of experience in supporting the gambling business around the world are ready to help to open a poker room not only in Ukraine, but also in many other jurisdictions, depending on the needs and facilities of the client. Gambling is an entertaining, but still a very serious business, in which any technical, legal or financial oversight can be very expensive.

In connection with the transfer of almost all daily activates the Internet, online poker is gaining popularity. It is distinguished by its dynamism, makes it possible to play at any time and from all over the world, as well as to participate in games on several tables simultaneously. In addition, online platforms offer more poker types and game formats than a casino can organize, which is a competitive advantage. The game takes place within the so-called poker rooms for both chips and real money.

To establish a poker room you need:

  • gather a team of professionals;
  • choose the most favorable jurisdiction and register a company. Among the most popular are Malta, Curacao, the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Costa Rica;
  • open bank accounts and/or connect to payment systems;
  • develop the software (a website or a mobile application);
  • obtain a license;
  • organize accounting and marketing services.

The owner cannot resolve all these issues solely. VigoLex team recommends involving competent specialists, including the ones dealing in legal issues.

Due to the gambling legalization, casino cash poker and online poker are now allowed in Ukraine. For the first one, you do not need to obtain a separate license – it is enough to issue a license for a casino, but for online activity you’ll need a separate license.

In order to organize and conduct online poker games in accordance with Ukrainian law, you must have:

  • a license;
  • anonlinesystemofthe gambling organizerforacceptingbetsandpayingoutwins;
  • awebsitewith.UAdomainname, ownedorused, oramobileapplication.

VigoLex is ready to support gambling in Ukraine and help potential operators to conduct legal and profitable business.

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