Legal support for startups

In the past few decades, the concept of “startup” has firmly entered our lives, although, as practice shows, most people have a rather vague understanding of what it is.


  • working in the field of high technologies, and which creates a new product or service of a science-intensive nature;
  • having a small number of employees united by a common idea and common values;
  • working under conditions of high uncertainty and risk;
  • which is financed either by attracting private or corporate investors or through crowdfunding.

Very often, bearers of new ideas (startuppers) have little funding, so the costs of legal support for a project are usually limited. In such case, to the “usual” issues of launching a new IT business are often added by the issues related to the pursuit of investors and the legal formalization of relations between them and startuppers.

Therefore, the Clients of VigoLex Company are:

  1. Startuppers – are individuals who are in ownership of a startup idea (as a rule, they are private entrepreneurs, IT specialists, inventors);
  2. Investors – individuals and/or legal entities interested in investing in a specific startup project or looking for a project in the IT field in which they are ready to invest.

VigoLex is ready to provide both categories of Clients with the following services:

  1. Pre-project consulting – analysis of a startup project for legality.
  2. Development and implementation of the corporate structure of a startup project or optimization of an existing one.
  3. Development of a financing scheme for a startup project (legal formalization of the deposit of funds by the participants of the company, attracting investors, obtaining loans, crowdfunding, access to ICO).
  4. Legal formalization of legal relations between startuppers and investors, both in terms of financing, distribution of shares in the company (or in the company’s income), and in terms of intellectual property rights, etc.
  5. Legal registration of intellectual property
  6. Legal support of economic activity of the company engaged in a startup project (tax planning and taxation, legal formalization of labor and civil relations with employees and hired specialists, office rent, etc.).

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