Curacao License

Curacao is not only the name of a liquor, but also an autonomous island region within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which is located north of Venezuela. Curacao actually has the status of the EU territory.

Curacao was the first territory to start issuing online gambling licenses in 1996 and has been successfully issuing them up to now. Among the list of gambling licenses the Curacao license takes the central place. The Curacao license is a license that permits its holder to conduct online gambling for: poker, casino, sport betting, lotteries, etc.

Advantages of the Curacao license

  • Single license: unlike other jurisdictions, the Curacao license gives the right to conduct all types of online gambling. Therefore, there is no need to obtain separate licenses, for example, for poker, lotteries, sport betting, etc.
  • Speed of obtaining: despite the fact that there is no single clear term for obtaining the Curacao license, the average time for obtaining it varies around 6 weeks.
  • Affordability: one of the main advantages of the Curacao license: the annual cost of a license for all gambling types in Curacao can vary from EUR 4.500 to EUR 12.500. For comparison, the annual cost of only a license for 3 out of 4 gambling types in Malta is EUR 25.000.
  • Taxes: The tax load on gambling in Curacao is more than pleasant – 2% corporate net income tax rate set till 2025.
  • Other bonuses: the icing on the cake is the comparative simplicity of the procedure for obtaining the Curacao license, as well as the ability to make payments in cryptocurrency.

There are two types of the Curacao licenses: general license and sublicense.

General license is a type of the Curacao license, which gives not only the right to conduct online gambling activities, but also the right to independently issue sublicenses to others. Since 1996, the general license has been issued to only four companies that have become de facto monopolies at the Curacao licensing market. These companies are:

  • Curacao-eGaming;
  • Curacao Gaming (CG);
  • Antillephone NV;
  • Curacao Interactive Licensing NV.

Sublicense is a type of the Curacao license that gives you the right to conduct online gambling activities without the right to further sublicense. This type is considered the “standard license” of Curacao, which is obtained by everyone who wants to start their own gambling business.

The simplest and the most common way to start working under the Curacao license is to obtain a sublicense from one of monopoly companies

The list of documents and information that must be submitted to obtain a license differs depending on the license provider, but the basic list is as follows:

  • certified copies of passport (pages with photo and signature);
  • police good conduct certificate;
  • original of utilitybill (toconfirm companyactivities);
  • CV/resume;
  • original of letter of recommendation from the bank;
  • original of letter of recommendation from accountant or lawyer;
  • basic documentation (Service Terms, etc.).

Documents are submitted in English or with English translation. When submitting documents, you must pay the registration fee of EUR 1.500.

The Curacao license is issued for the period of 5 years.

VigoLex also pays your attention to the fact that in order to conduct gambling activities, you will also need to open a bank account, open a company in Curacao and, optionally, in the EU (for example, Cyprus) – for more efficient business relations with suppliers and contractors.

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