Brand development

In the modern world, brands are becoming a powerful weapon of competition, a tool for creating business reputation and forming consumer’s confidence. They express the business mission and personify the corporate potential. An increasing number of specialists, who previously looked only towards profitability and production, are becoming interested in brand capital.

In response to customers’ demand and having considerable practical experience in trademark registration, VigoLex has expanded its portfolio to include trademark creation services. For this, the company engages creative designers and other specialists working in this direction.

Creating a trademark is a whole art that requires not so much knowledge as inspiration

When starting the process of  trademark creation, you must:

  1. decide on the range of goods or services that will be associated with the trademark. For example, a verbal expression is more appropriate for a law firm, and a graphic sign for jewelry.Also, in Ukraine, as in most countries of the world, there is the International Classification of Goods and Services, which is used to register trademarks. Here you can see a list of products and services grouped by industries. In total, 45 classes are designated: goods are placed from 1 to 34, and services from 35 to 45.
  2. designate the territorial scale of potential consumers: local, national, international or at all levels. This stage is important because if the trademark use is intended in other countries, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the mentality, beliefs and lifestyle of such consumers. What is perceived positively in one country can generate negative responses in another.
  3. by any means avoid the similarity of the intellectual property object with the existing ones. A mistake such as being similar to the brand of another company can affect not only the business image, but also jeopardize the successful trademark registration.

In order to avoid such risks, the team of lawyers of VigoLex conducts a preliminary search, which allows you to select the most attractive commercial ideas and make sure that there are no similar brands at the market.

Another aspect in the trademark creation is the choice of the final designation. In some cases, choosing one option may not be a reasonable solution. For example, if the developed models are united by one idea, then they can be used as a series for labeling different products, which will preserve the company’s corporate identity.

Undoubtedly, the qualified trademark creation by VigoLex takes into account all the indicated aspects. After completing this stage, the company can offer services for a trademark registration in order to secure the client’s monopoly rights to intellectual property object.

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