Support of tax audits

Tax audit remains one of the most frustrating and stressful parts of the routine for business owners, directors and chief accountants. Constant changes in tax legislation and psychological barriers do not allow managers to reasonably and legally defend their position before representatives of public authorities, that is why the tax office (which already often works “to fulfill the fiscal quota”) makes unfavorable ruling. Moreover, the inspector can reveal facts, documents and other materials that can later convict the company officials in a criminal offense.

Any fixed tax violation results in losses and additional expenses, therefore, competent support of tax audits will help to avoid many problems for both officials and business in general

In order to minimize such risks, VigoLex provides its clients with legal support for tax audits.

During the audit, legal support allows you to:

  • demonstrate to tax inspectors that the company is protected by lawyers;
  • outsource communication with inspectors to lawyers and ensure that lawyers will record processual violations on their part;
  • promptly and reasonably respond to all inquiries from inspectors;
  • ensure the documents safety and prevent information leaks;
  • assess evidences before transferring them to the tax authorities and develop a common position for all officials;
  • prepare and submit to tax inspectors a written objection to the audit act and defend your rights in the case of violation.

One needs to be prepared for the fact that during a tax audit, unforeseen situations may occur, including violation of the business entities rights by inspectors. It is important to fix such cases in time, answer all questions competently and in accordance with the law, and most importantly, prevent unnecessary interference in business processes.

VigoLex team is ready to support entrepreneurs during tax audits and defend their rights and legitimate interests.


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