Obtaining regulatory permits

When formalizing and registering rights to real estate objects, the interaction with government agencies is an integral part of this process. At the same time, for registration of most of the rights to real estate, government agencies will require the provision of one or another permissive documentation.

Documentation for rights registration to a land plot

Rights registration to a land plot is inseparably linked with the development and approval of a land management project for such a plot. In the process of obtaining a land management project for a land plot, you need to go through three main stages:

  1. to obtain the permission for the project development– at this stage it is necessary to collect the package of documents and apply for the permission to the local self-government authority – the city council, village council, etc.;
  2. to order the project development – with the obtained permission, it is necessary to order the development of a land management project for a land plot from certified specialists;
  3. to agree on the project – having a ready-made land management project on hand, it is necessary to agree on it with the relevant authorities and receive the confirmation that such a project can be used to register the rights to a land plot.

Documentation for rights registration to residential/non-residential property

In practice, there are several formats for registering rights to residential/non-residential property, depending on the actual circumstances of the case. For example, you can register the rights to:

  • asset under construction;
  • unauthorized construction object;
  • replanning/reconstruction of premise, etc.

Accordingly, depending on your specific situation, it is necessary to issue different regulatory decisions or permissive documentation.

For example, when registering rights to an asset under construction, you may need to issue:

  • the document that certifies the property right to the land plot for an asset under construction;
  • the document that gives the right to carry out construction works on this plot – again, such a document is not required if it was registered in the Unified State Electronic System in the field of construction
  • the document that contains a description of an asset under construction based on the results of a technical inventory of such an asset

At the same time, when registering the rights to the premise reconstruction, which makes changes to the bearing structures and the geometric dimensions of the premise, it will be necessary to draw up the completely different package of documents, namely:

  • the architectural project of the premise;
  • the documents on the architectural and technical supervision of the premise reconstruction;
  • the notification of the beginning of construction works in the architectural and construction inspection;
  • the technical passport for the premise, which is drawn up by a certified engineer.

VigoLex has extensive experience in supporting the processes of rights registration to real estate objects, and our specialists: will help to draw up and register the necessary package of documents to obtain the necessary permissive documentation; organize legal support for the process of obtaining and approving permissive documentation in the relevant government agencies; will provide advice on the interested for you issues in the context of rights registration to real estate.

Obtaining permits for placement of outdoor advertising
Contractual Contractual
Obtaining permits for placement of outdoor advertising

- Advices on obtaining permits for placement of outdoor advertising.

- Formation of the necessary package of documents.

- Representation of the client's interests in government agencies. - Preparation of the application and submission of documents.

- Approval of permits for advertising placement in the relevant authorities. - Obtaining permits for advertising placement.

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