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Nowadays information technologies have firmly and irrevocably entered the life of business as well as casual people. Every person faces a huge number of legal issues in the IT field daily.

IT business is so specific, that’s why not everyone can be an IT lawyer

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    However, due to IT business specificity, it in a relatively short time a new branch of law has appeared – IT law. This means that not every lawyer can be an IT lawyer and successfully support IT projects. Particularly for this branch of law, in addition to the deep knowledge of law (civil, commercial, tax, international law and process), fluency in English, knowledge of specific regulation in the field of IT, including the legislation of the EU, theUSA and other jurisdictions, as well as the ability to communicate with IT specialists in “their language” are required. Moreover, IT law is one of the most dynamically developing branches of law, experiencing is constantly changes and occurrences, that is why, to be aware of the latest trends, IT lawyers need to constantly improve their professional level.

    Our IT lawyers know how to protect intellectual property, how to protect personal data on the Internet, how to correctly pay taxes for the services rendered by an IT specialist, and also how to formalize relationships with clients or a customer companies. Moreover, we can quickly and efficiently resolve other issues that other IT specialists and companies specializing in the provision of IT services may face.

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