Residence permit in Poland

Poland is a successful European country with a decent standard of living and a stable economy. Ukrainians move here in order to obtain a quality education that allows them to work in other European countries, start their own business, work for hire with decent pay.

Those who want to live in Poland are also attracted by its close location to Ukraine and the simultaneous opportunity to travel in Europe.

The country will enjoy a mild climate, affordable prices and friendly people. It is also worth noting that the registration of a residence permit in Poland is simpler and more affordable than in other European countries.

Long-term residence in Poland without a visa is possible subject to obtaining a permit (residence permit), which is called here stay card.

This card is issued for the term of up to 3 years for a person who will stay in the country for more than 3 months.

The grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Poland are in particular:

  1. Studying at a university, which also includes training courses.
  2. Carrying out research work in the territory of the country.
  3. Official employment in Poland.
  4. Work in the Polish branch of a foreign company.
  5. Conducting business activities in the territory of the state.
  6. Obtaining a Polish Card.
  7. Marriage to a Polish citizen.
  8. Obtaining the status of a victim of trafficking in human beings in the case of assistance to Polish investigative bodies.

Since the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine, the list has been supplemented by another reason – temporary protection provided to Ukrainians and members of their families who have been forced to flee aggression to other countries. This status provides for the right to reside in Poland for 1 year with the possibility of extension (in this regard, a separate decision must be made by the Polish leadership), the right to work, access to medical services and education.

The list of documents required to obtain a temporary permit depends on the purpose of the foreigner’s stay in Poland and must include:

  • application for a stay card;
  • a photograph of the applicant;
  • international passport of the person;
  • parental consent if the card is issued to a child.

When submitting documents the fingerprints are taken from a person and then placed on the stay card.

After 5 years of residence in Poland, on the basis of a temporary permit it is possible to obtain a stay card for permanent residence, which is valid indefinitely with the condition of its replacement every 10 years, and then – even the acquisition of Polish citizenship.

Grounds for obtaining a permanent residence permit in Poland include, in particular:

  • staying married to a Polish citizen for 3 years, provided you have been living in the country for at least 2 years;
  • 5-year stay in Poland if there is no more than 10 months of residence in other countries during this period, each of which should not exceed 6 months;
  • Polish origin and intention to reside in Poland.

It is quite possible to obtain a residence permit in Poland if you have a good reason and duly executed documents. Vigolex provides more detailed information and assists in the preparation of documents for obtaining a Polish stay card.

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