Perhaps, the only thing that no company can do without is accounting, which is obligatory due to the legislation requirements. As the practice shows, accounting, reporting and financial data management systems are some of the most difficult and important tasks for a company’s management.

Undoubtedly, transparent accounting, clear reporting, reliable data and streamlined accounting documentation are the basis for any business. Realizing this, every businessperson is trying to find the optimal model for performing accounting functions.

In Ukraine and all over the world, small and medium-sized businesses are more and more inclined to transfer their accounting functions to outsourcing

Outsourcing has several significant advantages, due to which modern managers, focused on efficiency and economic viability, choose to resort to it. Such instrument enables the company’s management to deal with their immediate responsibilities, save money on the salary of a staff accountant, but at the same time maintain the company’s correct accounting.

Advantages of transferring accounting functions to VigoLex:

  • opportunity to involve leading professionals in accounting and taxation;
  • selection of a professional, taking into account the specifics of the client’s companies and their interchangeability;
  • regular communication and interaction of accountants with the company’s practicing lawyers, that makes it possible to foresee not only financial, but also legal risks;
  • loyal pricing policy and an individual approach to the client’s

Moreover, VigoLex is a highly specialized company focused on supporting IT and high-risk businesses. Thus, entrepreneurial activities related to modern technologies, development of computer programming, processing and posting data on web-resources and other technological areas require an accounting specialist who clearly understands what he/she is dealing with. Therefore, accountants and financiers of VigoLex are able to work not only with ordinary companies, but also with private entrepreneurs, focused on cooperation with foreign companies.

A properly chosen company for accounting guarantees absence of any accounting problems at the enterprise. Cooperation with VigoLex will help to create a solid financial basis for business development.

VigoLex approximate rates [1] for the most common services related to accounting in Ukraine are as follows.

Accounting support for the companyFrom 150 USD(depending on the number of transactions per month)
Accounting support for private entrepreneur (up to 10 transactions per month)20 USD

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