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The success of transaction and the future of IT projects in general directly depend on the competent construction of the negotiation process before conclusion of the contract. Moreover, it is related not only to the interaction between customers and developers, but also between the IT company and individual specialists.

Since each party has its own goals and interests, it is sometimes very difficult to reach a settlement and develop solutions that would be optimal for all counterparties.

As a rule, in the field of IT, the emphasis is on the technical and commercial components of business relations. Even if there is no disagreement in this part, due to ignorance and inattention to legal formalities (transfer of rights to a software product, liability for non-performance/improper performance of obligations, procedure for resolving disputes, etc.), it is very easy to get into a disadvantageous position after the conclusion of the contract and not get the expected result.

The VigoLex team is confident that the participation of qualified lawyers with knowledge of the specifics of IT is required at the negotiation stage. They will help not only build communication between the parties and prevent potential risks, but also formalize all the agreements reached in order to draw up the terms of the contract.

VigoLex’s team of lawyers provides comprehensive legal services to “Impltech” companyand, in particular, accompanies the conclusion of IT contracts, communicating with contractors. We are satisfied with the professionalism, individual approach to our tasks, quality and speed of response to our requests. We are convinced that the participation of lawyers in contractual processes is not only desirable, it is necessary.

Adriy Synyavsky — Director of Imptech


The party that involves lawyers in the negotiation process has more chances not to be deceived and to avoid imposing unnecessary or entering hidden points

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    After signing the contract, the work of the lawyer continues. The transfer of work results, payments under the contract are accompanied by numerous acts and invoices. If you do not pay due attention to this process and forget about any documents confirming the execution of the contract, in the event of a dispute, it will be quite difficult to prove your case. Moreover, IT business does not have the time and opportunity to keep track of all paperwork. And then seemingly small questions can cost not only money, but even reputation.

    For many years, VigoLex lawyers have been reliable partners at all stages of concluding and executing contracts in the field of IT. Thanks to their participation, several dozen successful transactions took place, which predetermined the future of projects, businesses and individual specialists. We are focused on long-term cooperation; we are looking for an approach to everyone and rejoice at the success of our clients.

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