Legal assistance in case of force majeure

The spread of COVID-19 in the world requires a business to react quickly and reformat the work in new realities. Those who can adapt have a chance to survive and become stronger. But what is needed now is to be as decisive and swift as possible.

Today, on the legal market, classical services have been relegated to second place. Courts and other public authorities practically do not work, some partners do not dare to enter into new contracts, others – do not fulfil the commitments made, the real estate market stands still (if not «died»), banks refuse to lend normally, and counterparties in other countries have switched to the «sleeping» mode of remote work.

Global force majeure has led to the violation of millions of contracts worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of people and companies have become the hostages. Their rights had been grossly violated, but some of them could be restored or effectively protected through legal mechanisms

In such circumstances, the issues of remote work, downsizing of staff or offering unpaid leave, review of contracts on the conditions and procedure for applying the provisions on force majeure, obtaining a CCI Force Majeure Certificate, restructuring obligations, paying taxes during a pandemic, as well as many other problems that few people have encountered before.

Vigolex team is ready to help our Clients understand the legal aspects of work during force majeure and provide services in the following directions:

  • due diligence and business process optimization during the COVID-19 epidemic;
  • minimization of company costs due to quarantine;
  • restructuring of obligations during force majeure;
  • debt recovery during force majeure;
  • avoiding sanctions for breach of obligations;
  • obtaining a CCI Force Majeure Certificate;
  • advice on tax conditions during epidemic;
  • preparation of an action plan and instructions on remote work;
  • advice on compliance with labour legislation with regard to the downsizing of staff, as well as their assignment to the quarantine period at their own expense;
  • advice on filing tax return by public officials;
  • negotiation with foreign parties concerning changes in foreign economic contracts in connection with the spread of coronavirus.

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