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Taxes are a burning matter for any business, especially when significant changes are made to the legislation every year. There is always desire, on the one hand, to pay as little taxes as possible or not pay them at all, and on the other hand, not to violate the law. VigoLex will help to optimize the tax burden without violating the current legislation.

VigoLex lawyers have many years of experience in advising Ukrainian and foreign clients on national and international taxation issues. We have knowledge know how tax authorities and courts interpret specific agreements and circumstances.

Tax advices should be practical and applicable in practice, taking into account the specific circumstances, and not contain diffuse advices on how, in general, to pay or not to pay taxes

VigoLex will render detailed guidance on the following issues:

  1. interpretation and practice of application of certain tax legislation norms;
  2. analysis of the tax consequences of existing or planned business models of a company or a group of companies;
  3. analysis of the tax consequences of separate transactions, structuring transactions taking into account their tax efficiency;
  4. tax structuring of transnational transactions for sale of assets in Ukraine, taking into account the norms of international agreements;
  5. transactions for the distribution of dividends, interest, royalties and other passive incomes, taking into account the conventions for the avoidance of double taxation;
  6. identification of controlled foreign companies and tax optimization of structures with controlled foreign companies;
  7. identification of controlled transactions, compliance with transfer pricing rules;
  8. development and/or improvement of a package of primary documents confirming the company expenses;
  9. tax optimization of employees’ hiring and labor payment fund;
  10. taxation of activities of foreign representative offices;
  11. optimization of taxation of legal entities and individuals;
  12. overpaid taxes refund;
  13. obtaining individual tax explanations and advices from regulatory authorities upon ambiguous interpretation of tax legislation.

VigoLex experience in supporting tax issues will allow you to solve tax problems in an optimal way. We offer our clients only solutions that can be implemented in practice.


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