Aleksandr Golbart


Partner, Leader of Criminal Law and Procedure Practice

Specialist in the field of criminal, administrative, tax law, criminal and administrative procedure


Specialist in Law, NU “Odessa Law Academy”


Ukrainian, Russian


Aleksandr provides the support at the stages of pre-trial investigation and judicial proceeding within the framework of criminal proceedings: advices on criminal law and criminal procedure issues, providing the legal aid to participants in criminal proceedings, participating in certain investigative actions. As an advocate, he develops a strategy and tactics for protecting a suspect, accused in a criminal procedure, protecting the observance of the legal rights and interests of detainees, suspects when choosing a restraint, appealing against illegal actions of authorized law-enforcement officials, as well as judgments.

One of the key areas of Aleksandr’s activities is the protection or representation of the persons’ interests during an inquest, pre-trial investigation and in court, including at the stages of reviewing judgments within the framework of criminal proceedings in the field of commercial, economic legal relations, official activities, copyright compliance, as well as in the case of road accidents.

A separate direction of Aleksandr’s activities is business audit in the criminal law aspect, as well as conducting internal investigations and anti-corruption checks.

+38 (068) 520-88-88