Conducting courses in medical law

Who needs courses in medical law

Medical law as the latest legal phenomenon in Ukraine is at the stage of constant stable development; the circle of specialists for whom this area is of professional interest is expanding, mastering new horizons and interested in integrating into the global trends in this area.

Medical law is a complex branch of law that includes a set of legal norms governing public relations in the field of medical activity.

A very wide circle of specialists will need courses in medical law:

– founders of a medical business in order to comply with all legal conditions for organizing an enterprise;

– employees of medical institutions, including doctors;

– lawyers, since medical law is a very promising area of jurisprudence.

A wide variety of regulations governing relations in the field of medical services creates the need for specialists providing professional legal assistance.

At the same time, the relevance of studying the problems of medical law by lawyers is due to a number of factors, among which it should be noted:

1) the benefits that are the subject of regulation of medical law, namely, life and health as high social values;

2) legal nihilism of subjects of medical legal relations;

3) features of conducting medical practice;

4) the legal conditionality of relationships in the medical field;

5) a significant volume and versatility of legislative support for the healthcare sector;

6) the need to move from an economic approach to a humanistic one in the work of a lawyer working in the field of healthcare;

7) the features of legal practice, the analysis of statistics of which indicates that with the general congestion of the courts, the number of medical cases is insignificant, which is due to various factors: for example, specialized statistics are not kept, there is no patient confidence in the positive solution of the case and the protection of their rights, lack of specialists who will be able to provide qualified legal assistance.

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Program of courses in medical law

If you decide to conduct courses, then first of all it is necessary to form a program according to which further training will take place. So, the program should include the following chapters:

  • Topic No. 1.Medical law and its place in the systems of law and legislation of Ukraine.
  • Topic No. 2.Fundamentals of economic activity and insurance in the healthcare fields.
  • Topic No. 3.Legal regulation of expert activities in the field of healthcare in Ukraine.
  • Topic No. 4.Legal regulation of family medicine in Ukraine.
  • Topic No. 5.Legal support of reproductive health and reproductive technologies in Ukraine.Donation under the legislation of Ukraine.
  • Topic No. 6.Legal regulation of pharmaceutical activities and the population provision with medicines and medical products in Ukraine.
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