How to open us office

Procedure for opening us office

To open US office, you need to determine the organizational and legal form of your enterprise. Moreover, this can be done both as a legal entity, and as an individual – a private entrepreneur.

– A legal entity can carry out its activities through hospitals, clinics, etc. The staff should have the position of the chief physician – the head of a medical institution, who has a diploma in the specialty “Organization and Management of Health Care”.

– An individual – a private entrepreneur must have a medical education. Otherwise, a private entrepreneur is obliged to staff the personnel with medical and non-medical workers in accordance with the declared specialties.

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What are the requirements for the premises of us office?

Before obtaining a license for US, you need to decide on the premises in which the US procedures will be performed, since there is a strict list of requirements for such a premise. So, the US office must comply with the licensing requirements and building codes – 18 sq.m. for a procedural room.

The premises in which the activities are planned to be carried out must meet the sanitary standards, which is confirmed by the act of sanitary and epidemiological examination of the facility by the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection (the SES act). When the SES act is already in hand, you should take care of the metrological verification of the equipment that is planned to be used in the implementation of medical practice, if it is subject to mandatory metrological verification. In addition, it is necessary to have certificates and other documents required by law.

The premises can be rented or owned, but they must be of proper functional purpose and belong to nonresidential fund.

Documents required for opening us office

The opening of US office is preceded by a standard procedure: it is necessary to register an enterprise, obtain a medical license, obtain a SES act (the act of a sanitary and epidemiological station), hire qualified personnel, buy all the necessary equipment.

Please note that medical staff must prove their qualifications. In this case, the following are suitable:

  • a document on higher education of the state standard;
  • certificate of a doctor-specialist (pharmacist-specialist);
  • certificate of assignment (confirmation) of the relevant qualification category from medical (pharmacist) specialties;
  • certificate of completion of professional development;
  • work experience – 5 years, or less than 3 years with an internship at the Ministry of Health.

To obtain a license for US office, you must collect and submit the following documents:

  • application for a license;
  • a notarized copy of the statutory documents or its electronic version;
  • a document confirming the ownership or lease of real estate;
  • documents confirming the ownership or lease of the equipment used in the activities of the US office;
  • data on the institution and personnel structure;
  • SES act;
  • an inventory of all documents.

It should be noted that it is much more difficult to obtain a license for US office than a license for a therapist. Therefore, in order to achieve the result, it is best to apply to experienced lawyers who will help to collect a full package of documents, obtain the necessary permits from regulatory authorities and save you from possible problems in the future, solving them even at the stage of obtaining a license.

To obtain a medical license for US office, you must provide:

  • application for a license;
  • information about the personnel, indicating the qualification level and education;
  • information on the condition of the material and technical base;
  • an inventory of documents attached to the application.

At the same time, documents can be submitted in any convenient form: electronic, in writing by mail, as well as in person through the “Single Window” in Kiev in Smolenskaya St., 10.

Cost and terms

At the moment, opening US office is much more profitable than, for example, a MRI, since the cost of equipment is several times less and the requirements for the premises and staff are less stringent. However, legal subtleties necessitate professional assistance in obtaining a license to provide ultrasound services, as well as in meeting other necessary requirements when opening such an institution.

At the same time, difficulties in obtaining a license determine the period for opening US office, which can take up to 2 months. Therefore, the best solution would be to contact specialists who will help you with the collection and submission of documents, the selection of premises and equipment, the recruitment of personnel in order to secure you from refusing a license to open US office.

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