On November 27-29, 2019, the VigoLex team visited the sixth SiGMA exhibition held in Malta. Dozens of exhibits, hundreds of companies, thousands of visitors – all combined by SiGMA. Participation in one of the major exhibitions in the field of online gambling has already become a good tradition for our experts.

Representatives of all industries related to gambling have gathered in Malta for networking, sharing experiences and finding new clients and partners.

This year, the main topics of discussion were industry growth prospects, opportunities to enter new markets, and the popularization of blockchain casinos in the online casino market.

The VigoLex team is once again convinced that we are moving ahead of the needs of the market and have solutions for both actual problems and future ones, namely:

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Entering Africa and Asia markets – working with these locations is among the most discussed questions with our clients. VigoLex works to meet   its clients’ needs, so it has a comprehensive solution to such requests and a wide network of partners (lawyers, payment systems and banks) in the respective jurisdictions.

Opening bank accounts or accounts in payment systems – due to the strengthening of EU policy on AML/KYC, opening accounts for companies associated with the high-risk industry has become a complicated process. Thanks to our acquaintance with our partner banks/payment system owners, VigoLex clients have no problems with opening accounts.

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Blockchain casinos and regulation of their activities – cryptocurrency circulation in most countries is in the gray zone, however, in some jurisdictions there is clear legislative regulation and authorization to use them. Due to the development of blockchain casino ideas, the use of cryptocurrency is of particular relevance, and therefore the exchange of experience and the acquisition of new knowledge in the field at SiGMA has become a very useful and interesting experience for the VigoLex team.

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