On February 7, 2020, a small conference of Ukrainian IT projects took place in Kyiv. Of course, the VigoLex team couldn’t miss this event. We made a short summary of the presented Ukrainian projects:

  1. Getmancar – project of short leasing car short-term car rental project (car sharing). Quite interesting speech of CEO Taras Getmanskii about the problems faced by the project due to the situation in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine and how they coped all these challenges on their way and kept growing Ukraine and develops in Georgia.
  2. The second, quite interesting project was Liky24. This project, which decided one of the most pressing problems of Ukrainian – search and delivery medicines at an adequate price. The project has created an extensive network throughout Ukraine and continues to grow. According to the CEO of the company, Anton Avrinsky, the potential of the project Liky24 and the variations of its application are limited only by the imagination of the team. It would be interesting to hear about the interaction with the lawyers who were accompanying the project, and they did not seem very worried about launching it because they could have destroyed the project on their own with insufficiently competent decisions. I am convinced that such a situation in VigoLex would not happen because the success of the Client is our reputation.
  3. The last speaker was Andriy Matveychuk, co-founder and director of Intelsoft Technology. Perhaps the most impressive performance of all who were at the conference. From the very beginning, I couldn’t believe that such a cool company and product are located in Ukraine, not somewhere in Silicon Valley. The company has created its unique platform based on AI, which analyzes thousands of data received, selects the most optimal, builds patterns and produces brilliant results. Most interestingly, the platform is very easy to set up for a variety of businesses (banks, finance, recruiting agencies and other businesses).

Besides the conference also featured founders of other Ukrainian products. I can say that Ukraine has something to be proud of because startuppers keep their eyes peeled. Do not forget that for every startup it is better initially to choose the right team for legal support and VigoLex happy to help you with this!

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