Andrii Pomazanov



Human rights defender, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, attorney at law, Doctor of Philosophy in Law (PhD in Law)


Doctor of Philosophy in Law, dissertation topic: “Cassation review of court decisions in the civil procedure of Ukraine”

Master of Laws, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law Academy of Ukraine

Until 2014, he practiced law, coordinated and led activities related to the pre-trial settlement of major corporate conflicts, as well as represented and defended clients’ interests in courts and law enforcement agencies.

He has extensive experience in representing clients before government agencies and courts of various instances, as well as experience in resolving corporate disputes.

A separate area of work is supporting investment projects both in Ukraine and abroad, as well as ensuring the functioning of businesses in the current realities in matters of optimizing corporate taxation.

In May 2014, he became the Head of the Main Department of Justice in Kyiv, and in November 2014 was elected as a Member of Parliament of Ukraine. In the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, he chaired the Subcommittee on the activities of the Bar and regulation of the provision of legal aid to citizens. During his parliamentary work, he actively participated in international legal events related to the improvement of the legislative framework and authored dozens of legislative acts.

He maintains interparliamentary relations with politicians from different countries to ensure the stable development of interstate relations and support the development of investment projects.

His experience in public political activity and public speaking to a wide audience is an advantage when negotiating with clients and opponents in mediation procedures.


  • specialist in public administration;
  • pre-trial dispute resolution (mediation) and representation in court;
  • construction and capital investments both in Ukraine and abroad;
  • migration law.


Ukrainian, English, Russian


+38 097 215 66 70