Documentation in the field of labor law

Maintaining personnel records is mandatory for all companies and must be carried out in strict accordance with applicable law. A clear definition of the rights and obligations of both employees and the employer in it helps to reconcile their interests, create comfortable working conditions and prevent labor disputes.

VigoLex lawyers provide services for the preparation and/or proofreading of all types of documents regulating labor relations.

When compiling documentation in the field of labor law, a number of important factors are taken into account, such as the way of organizing the employees’ work and checking its results, the issues of early termination of labor relations, the risks of inspections by the State Tax Service, the State Labor Service, specifics of the legislation on the employment of certain categories of persons, etc.  

Proper registration of labor relations and competent preparation of legal documents that operate in the company and may be the subject of inspection by regulatory authorities will allow avoiding liability for the violation of labor laws.

VigoLex team has significant experience in preparing documents in the field of labor law, including such as:

  • labor agreement and contract;
  •   collective agreement;
  •   outsourcing and outstaffing agreement;
  •   internal labor regulations;
  •   job descriptions;
  •   agreement on full liability;
  •   confidentiality agreement.

VigoLex guarantees a thorough study of the client’s issues, the development of documents taking into account its interests, as well as the specifics of the company activities that has applied for professional legal assistance. Combining practical experience with deep theoretical knowledge, VigoLex team prepares personnel documentation of any complexity, as well as conducts a thorough analysis of documents already in force in the company in the field of labor law.

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