Legal audit of labor documentation

VigoLex team provides legal audit services for labor documentation, using knowledge of many subtleties of labor legislation, judicial practice, current changes to regulatory legal acts and experience in developing personnel documents. The result of a complete analysis of labor documentation for compliance with both the legislation of Ukraine and local acts of the company is the protection of business in the field of compliance with labor laws during scheduled and unscheduled inspections of regulatory authorities.

Legal audit of labor documentation is recommended in the following cases:

  •   buying a company or changing its management;
  •   inclusion of the company in the plan of inspections of regulatory authorities;
  •   conflict or problem situations in the field of labor relations;
  •   improvement of the company document flow and prevention of unnecessary costs;
  •   checks of certain areas of activity, in particular, on the issue of ensuring the protection of trade secrets, the correct registration of labor relations, etc.;
  •   an objective assessment of the compliance of the company activities with Ukrainian legislation in order to identify existing risks and make changes to existing documents, adjust the business development strategy.

Legal audit of labor documentation determines:

  •   the state of the company document flow in the field of labor relations;
  •   availability of mandatory internal labor documentation;
  •   compliance of personnel documents with the requirements of the current legislation;
  •   presence of risks of holding officials and the company itself liable for improper maintenance of labor documentation.

A comprehensive legal analysis of documents is a guarantee of client confidence during inspections by regulatory authorities and an effective way to avoid thousands of fines.

Legal audit of the company labor documentation, in particular, includes:

1) legal analysis of personnel documents and bringing them into line with the current labor legislation;

2) legal assessment of labor contracts, collective agreements, as well as other contracts in the field of labor relations, identification of shortcomings and inaccuracies in them, development of labor contracts;

3) checking the staffing table, internal regulations, job descriptions, other internal labor documentation for their mutual compliance and mutual agreement;

4) analysis of documents for the correct execution of labor relations, compliance with labor protection legislation, protection of personal data and confidential information;

5) checking the legality of the foreigners’ employment;

6) providing advice on the maintenance of any labor documentation, as well as recommendations on the proper organization of document flow.

VigoLex professionals can not only detect gaps and shortcomings in the company labor documentation, but also help to eliminate them and prepare legal documents with better quality.

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