Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation

The globalized world and rapid development of digital technologies not just accelerates modernization of worldwide processes, but also increases number violations of rights to honor, dignity and business reputation.

Progressively more people, mostly politically exposed person (PEP), have to defend themselves against false damaging information spread by the media and the Internet by order of adversaries

Public figures’ activity becomes a frequent a subject of discussions in society, therefore disseminated information can be remarkably diverse. Hence, during a speech or a public interview, it is quite possible to be encountered by some rather unpleasant implications of the individual, affecting not only professional, but also personal qualities of the individual, or some blogger’s post may damage the image of the PEP.

Undoubtfully, by becoming a public figure, the individual consciously takes the risks and limitations of one’s privacy. On the other hand, particular members of the media fail to remember their duty to adhere to the basic moral principles violation of which affect business reputation, honor and the dignity of the individual.

One of the reasons for the unfair behavior of media is the environment of permissiveness and impunity in society and the media-sphere. Many journalists consider themselves entitled to write whatever about whoever. At the heart of such environment, there is a problem of the lack of confidence in society, particularly to public servants and politicians. Therefore solving the issue in not done in a single day, the thought-over and competent strategy is necessary.

Any person who discovers false information that causes damage to one’s honor, dignity and business reputation can protect own rights, by applying for the qualified legal aid.

VigoLex law firm utilizes the following means of protection of honor, dignity and business reputation:

  • substantiated requests to remove such information from all sources;
  • fulfilment of the right to reciprocal refutation of the information;
  • requests to object of the publicized false information;
  • objection to information in court, with reimbursement of the losses and/or moral compensation suffered due to dissemination of information discrediting honor and dignity.

The former three approaches are of extrajudicial nature, therefore the main objective of the lawyer at this stage is to be a competent moderator and to achieve desirable result for the client by means of minimum losses and costs.

As for litigation – a thorough preparation of the basis for the claim is necessary. The facts confirming dissemination of false information of the client should be documented, as well as proofs of such information being false are to be collected.

VigoLex team of lawyers always approaches the resolution of issues in their whole complexity. Therefore, the earlier the client requests legal assistance of VigoLex, the better are the chances to restore justice.

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