Completing electronic declarations

Ukraine advances towards democratization and publicity, and introduction of electronic declaration system for officials became one of the milestones on this path. Subjects of declarations are obliged to submit electronic income declaration annually, prior April 1 each year. The declaration is filled within the official website of NAZK and covers January 1 to December 31 period of previous year.

Electronic declaration cannot be filled out in a day or fortnight – the scope of information required is quite vast. Moreover, for the filing of incomplete or untrue data in the electronic declaration, in case of excess of the legal threshold of discrepancy between real and filled information is subject

VigoLex team periodically assists clients with filling out such declarations and studied most hindrances of this process. Furthermore, the most widespread issues concerning filling electronic declarations are described below.

Who is the subject of declaring?

The category of individuals who have to submit electronic declarations is precisely specified in the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention of Corruption”. Government employees, state top management, members of Parliament, judges, etc. – the list rather extensive treat such persons.

How to fill out the section on income?

For simplification of process, VigoLex recommends filling out this section by referring to the State register of real persons – taxpayers. You should use electronic services of aforementioned register and request there information on the amounts of the received income and the withheld taxes thereof.

For this purpose, it is necessary to log in or sign up by means of the electronic digital signature to the personal account on the register website, pick the section “Statements, Requests for Obtaining Information” then to request information of the amounts of your income and the taxes withheld on such income.

Afterwards, service will render you with a form for filling. You will need to fill out all fields and to file the form. The form is interactive, therefore if it gives to you an error message, it means, that you failed to fill some section.

How to fill out the section on an insurance experience and insurance payments?

For filling of this section, the services of official website of the Pension fund of Ukraine are convenient. This website enables to obtain all necessary information, logged in or signed up for a personal account by means of the electronic and digital signature.

Having logged into the virtual office, you need to choose the option to “Request for Obtaining Electronic Documents” then it is necessary to choose a type of the reference, that you need to obtain. Having filled out all required fields in the form rendered by the website, the website will automatically register your address. It is possible to look up its status in the section “My Addresses”.

How to receive data on real estate?

For this purpose VigoLex team recommends to you to use the Office of electronic services of Ministry of Justice. Having signed up and logged in, you need to choose the section of the State register of the material rights to real estate.

By means of the Office of electronic services of Ministry of Justice, you can request and receive the information certificate of real estate registered in your name. Obtaining data from this register is paid. Upon registration of request and online payment of the state fee, data on your real estate will be sent to the e-mail address you specify.

How to fill out the section on the corporate rights?

Information on the corporate rights can be obtained by simple request to EGRPOU. For this purpose, it is necessary to know names of legal entities in which the particular real person can have the corporate rights. If such names are, you just need to specify it in a search box then will study information on its founders, their size of a share in the company, etc.

VigoLex advises to entrust the completion of the declaration to professionals and save yourself from unnecessary time and nerves.

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