Сriminal law

Sooner or later, any person might become a party of criminal procedure – as a witness, plaintiff or even a suspect/accused. In such case, it is vital to ensure that an experienced criminal attorney is able to effectively defend the client’s interests at the preliminary stage and in trial.

Representation of interests in criminal proceedings is a task that should be entrusted only to attorneys specializing in criminal law and process, due to human life and freedom being at stake. 

When is a criminal attorney needed? 

Criminal procedure may arise from a variety of situations, for example: 

  • in case of a traffic accident; 
  • when undergoing search and seizure; 
  • when being charged with tax evasion; 
  • in case of becoming a victim of fraud; 
  • in case of unintentional actions leading to grave consequences, etc. 

In any of the above situations, VigoLex recommends you to immediately resort to the services of an attorney. In such situations, efficiency is important – the sooner you apply for attorney’s aid, the better one is able to get up to speed with the actual circumstances of the case and build the correct strategy for protecting interests. Unfortunately, very often an attorney is contacted, when time is lost, and evidence and documentation have been filed into the case, which may significantly complicate further defense. 

It is important to remember that everyone has the right to remain silent and to demand an attorney. 

How much does a criminal attorney cost? 

When providing the services of a criminal attorney, the prices for such services will differ on a case-by-case basis. Based on the experience of VigoLex, when providing services for representing interests in criminal process, the prices for such services have several components: 

  • the cost of performing predetermined legal work, such as writing a claim or procedural petitions; 
  • the cost of participation in legal proceedings, for example, taking part in hearings or representation of interests during a search; 
  • the success fee, the payment of which is carried out upon achievement of a positive result of criminal procedure, which is negotiated by the parties in advance. 

In any case, the cost of services will be determined in each specific case individually, taking into account the complexity of the criminal case and the volume of work to be done. 

Attorney’s services: online consulting

Any good criminal attorney should be ready to act and provide services online. At the moment, VigoLex defines the format of online services rendered by attorneys as one of the priority directions of its activity. 

For example, the provision of online services by an attorney can be relevant in the following situations: 

  • during a search in the client’s premises in a situation where an attorney cannot attend the search within the necessary timeframe; 
  • participation in the court hearing as an online conference; 
  • conducting negotiations with opponents online, etc. 

Services of criminal attorneys in Odessa

The attorneys of VigoLex team, working in the Odessa office, have a wide experience in representing clients in criminal procedure, therefore, they are ready to promptly and efficiently advise clients on any issues related to the protection of their rights and interests.

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