Defense and representation of interests in criminal procedure

An obligatory part of the work of any criminal attorney is representing the client’s interests in criminal procedure.

Currently there is an attorney monopoly in Ukraine, since only an attorney can represent the interests of the suspect/accused within the framework of criminal proceedings. 

What are the stages of the criminal process?

Essentially, the criminal process can be divided into two stages – the stage of pre-trial investigation and the stage of court hearing of the case. 

The stage of pre-trial investigation includes: 

  • carrying out investigative actions such as search, interrogation, etc.;
  • conducting covert investigative actions; 
  • electing restrictions; 
  • application of other means of ensuring criminal process, in particular: seizure of property and provision of temporary access to property and documents; 
  • servicing a notice of suspicion of committing a criminal offense, etc. 

The stage of court hearing of the case includes:

  • holding a preliminary court hearing; 
  • consideration of the case per se, including court hearings and sentencing; 
  • if necessary – filing an appeal to the appeal or cassation bodies, etc. 

At any stage of the criminal process or upon the implementation of any procedural action described above, it is important that your interests are represented by an experienced criminal attorney who will be able to ensure quality protection of your interests. The attorneys of VigoLex team in Odessa provide a full range of services for the protection and representation of clients’ interests within the framework of criminal procedure. 

When do you need a criminal attorney? 

The situations in which a client may need criminal attorneys are incredibly varied. Some of them are: 

  • corporate fraud; 
  • threat or action of corporate raid on property and assets; 
  • charge with tax evasion; 
  • charge with abuse of office; 
  • disputes related to opposition to the company legal activities, etc. 

VigoLex advises to apply for the services of a criminal attorney in any situation where you become a party of a criminal procedure, no matter in what role: suspect/accused, victim, witness or a third party. 

Why resort to the services of a criminal attorney?

It is not worth explaining once again that in the majority of criminal cases a lot is at stake – notable or especially large amounts of funds and assets, confiscation of property, sometimes even restrictions or imprisonment. 

At the same time, mistakes are often made in criminal cases, incorrect interpretation of concepts or facts, and even falsifications. A criminal attorney of VigoLex will help you identify all inaccuracies and inconsistencies in a criminal case, fix them and use them in your client’s interests. 

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