Defense and representation of interests at the stage of pre-trial investigation

Pre-trial investigation is one of the stages of criminal procedure, during which a lot of important actions take place: 

  • carrying out investigative actions – these may include interrogations, search of premises, etc.; 
  • conducting covert investigative actions, such as wiretapping, access to correspondence, etc.; 
  • issuing notice of suspicion of committing a criminal offense, etc.

It is very important that at the stage of pre-trial investigation, the interests are represented by an experienced attorney, because the correctness and completeness of the collected evidence, which will later be used in court, depends on it

  The attorneys of VigoLex team provide a full range of services for the protection and representation of clients’ interests at the stage of pre-trial investigation. 

Representation of a suspect’s interests 

In the lifecycle of any business, interaction with regulatory and law enforcement agencies can occur, which may result in a criminal procedure. 

If you find yourself in the role of a suspect, the Constitution of Ukraine and the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine grant you the right to get professional legal assistance and to engage an attorney to defend your rights. 

At the pre-trial investigation stage, you cannot be considered an accused – only a suspect 

The attorneys of VigoLex team have a significant and successful experience of representing clients’ interests in pre-trial proceedings. Our attorneys can defend your rights in a high-quality and reliable manner within the framework of pre-trial proceedings, in particular: 

  • provide legal assistance during the search; 
  • represent your interests during interrogation; 
  • get acquainted with the materials of criminal procedure and, if appropriate, object illegal actions and decisions of law enforcement officials and the court; 
  • if necessary, provide legal services during the entire period of the pre-trial investigation. 

Representation of a victim’s interests

Do not forget that there are always two sides in criminal procedure – the victim and the suspect. No one is protected from the actions of abusers. Fraud, illegal appropriation of property or land, theft of property, etc. – unfortunately, everyone can face these and many other situations. 

The attorneys of VigoLex team are ready to professionally defend and represent your interests as a victim within the framework of the pre-trial investigation, in particular: 

  • get acquainted with the actual circumstances of the case and develop the tactics of action; 
  • prepare a statement on committing a crime; 
  • communicate with the representatives of law enforcement authorities and prosecutors; 
  • represent your interests within the framework of investigative and other procedural actions, etc. 

Representation of interests of witnesses and third parties 

In addition to the suspect and the victim, the following persons may also take part in the pre-trial investigation: 

  • witnesses; and 
  • third parties whose property may be seized within the framework of a pre-trial investigation. 

Despite the fact that witnesses and third parties are not the primary parties in criminal procedure, one should also not neglect the services of an attorney when protecting their interests. 

For example, the aid of the attorneys of VigoLex team may be needed in the case of: 

  • calling a witness for interrogation; 
  • seizure of your property within the framework of a pre-trial investigation;
  • participation of a witness in investigative actions, etc. 

Services of criminal attorneys in Odessa 

The attorneys of VigoLex team, working in the Odessa office, have a wide experience in representing clients within the framework of a pre-trial investigation. Our attorneys are ready to promptly and efficiently advise clients on any issues related to the protection of their rights and interests. 


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