Defense and representation of interests in court

Criminal procedure as a whole consists of two significant stages: the pre-trial investigation and the court hearing of the case. 

 If you are involved as a party in criminal procedure at the stage of court hearing of the case, VigoLex advises you to take care of the reliable protection of your rights and interests.

One of the important aspects of legal assistance is efficiency: it is necessary to resort to an attorney as early as possible so that the attorney is prepared as much as possible for the trial. And one more thing – an attorney must know exactly what really happened.

When resorting to legal services of an attorney, it is important to remember: the sooner you apply to an attorney, the more time he or she will have to get acquainted with the proceedings materials and develop the tactics of actions to protect your rights and interests. 

Services of an attorney in judicial proceedings

Within the framework of the defense and representation of our clients’ interests in court, the attorneys of VigoLex team provide clients with the following services: 

  • acquaintance and analysis of the criminal case materials; 
  • development and agreement with the client of the tactics of actions within the framework of criminal procedure; 
  • participation in court hearings and other procedural actions within the framework of the judicial examination of the case; 
  • preparation and submission of the necessary documentation, including petitions, complaints, etc.;
  • drafting and filing attorney’s inquiries in the client’s interests; 
  • communication with the investigating authorities, the prosecutors and the court; 
  • appealing determinations and judgments of the court; 
  • legal support of a dispute in courts of appeal and cassation instances, etc. 

Cost of an attorney’s services

Each criminal proceeding is an utterly individual process, therefore, there is no single cost of services for the provision of attorney’s services within the framework of court hearing of a criminal case. The cost of such services is formed by several components: 

  • the cost of performing fixed legal work, such as submitting attorney’s inquiries or appealing judgments; 
  • the cost of participation in legal proceedings, for example, participation in a court hearing; 
  • the success fee, the payment of which is carried out upon achievement of a positive judgment, the amount and the payment terms of which are negotiated in advance by the parties. 

In each individual case, the cost of attorney’s services will be determined individually, taking into account the complexity of the criminal case and the amount of work to be done. 

Representation of interests in court

Unfortunately, there are often situations of illegal actions from the side of law enforcement and regulatory authorities, the results of which are accusations against businesses. The attorneys of VigoLex team have a wide experience in representing and defending their clients’ interests in court. We always take a responsible approach to protecting our clients’ business. 

If you take part as a victim in a criminal proceeding, it is very important in the process of considering a case in court to do everything possible to protect your interests and achieve a positive outcome of the case consideration. 

In addition, you should not neglect the attorneys’ services in case if you are involved in court hearings as a witness: in such case, an attorney’s advice will allow you to understand what tactics are preferable to choose and how to avoid violation or encroachment on your rights and interests. 

The attorneys of VigoLex team have a wide experience in representing clients in court. Our attorneys are ready to promptly and efficiently advise clients on any issues related to the protection of their rights and interests in court. 

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