Business protection

Business protection – is an everyday duty of business owner. Business protection should not be only a concern of physical security and alarm systems or sustaining legal proceedings (which are also inevitable), but also relate to smart planning of legal and operating risks.

VigoLex team is certain, that elaborated strategy for protection of your business – is a “must have” for every businessperson.

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The owner of business should understand which risks are relevant for owned business, how he should react on them and which consequences they will have.

Comprehensive roadmap for protection of your business may be as follows:

Due diligence for existing risks

This may be one of the most important steps in roadmap, because it is impossible to build a good defense strategy without knowing risks and weak spots. At this stage, you should:

  • assess risks related to your operating activity;
  • assess risks, existing within the contractual relationships with contractors and suppliers;
  • assess risks, related to company management, staff employment, constitutional documents, possibilities of corporate disputes, etc.;
  • scope out the staff competence level in case of shakedown, controllers visit, inspection and another interactions with state bodies;
  • define existence of policies that provide operating procedure for company in case of different possible circumstances.

Staff training

Ticket to the success for any business – is well-trained and competent staff. Beside their area of duties, employees must know how they should behave during inspections, subpoenas for interrogation, etc. VigoLex team will advise your creation of corporate training system, that will explain to employees how to behave in different situation, related to protection of business.

Internal policies

When the crisis comes, those have more chances to avoid mistakes, who trained all actions afore. As a rule, many companies develop internal corporate policies in case of shakedown, inspections, arrest of property, service troubles with suppliers, etc.

There is also widespread practice of developing policies specifying order of ingress/egress the office, handling corporate files, data security measures, etc.

Legal support of business protection

At all times, business protection always concerns the legal field. It is impossible to imagine successful protection of business without qualified legal support of the process. In such case, every business has two alternatives: creating own highly qualified legal department, or involve legally qualified third party.

VigoLex team is convinced that involvement of highly qualified specialists in the field of business protection – is an optimal solution for small and medium businesses. It allows quickly, competently and safely protect your interests and business.

Corporate disputes

Threats to your business may be not only external, but internal as well. Business activity can be easily deadlocked by disputes between founders, shareholders and investors. VigoLex team is sure, that any future conflicts should be solved by correct management of relations between founders, shareholders and investors on contractual basis, and by exercising corporate and constitutional documents.

Protection of business is in a high demand, so VigoLex is ready to provide qualified and reliable solution of this matter for you and your business, as well as render expert opinion on matters of legal support and representation of interests in case of disputes with the authorities.

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