Representation of interests in disputes with authorities

No business is secure from conflicts with government authorities – conservative or digitized, IT-business or production – anybody may come across a conflict. Whereas conflict with government authorities is always long, expensive, difficult and unpleasant.

Interaction with government authorities – is one of the inevitable parts of any business. No business is immune that this interaction would not become conflict and affect negatively on business activity.

During years of work, VigoLex team gained lots of practical experience in the field of representation of interests in arguments with government authorities, which allow solving clients’ problems as smoothly as possible.

Every area of law has its own specifics of proceedings, preliminary proceedings, law requirements, etc. The most typical arguments with government authorities are following:

Administrative dispute

Any disputes with controlling authorities are often resolved by administration courts, whether this is tax office or fire commission, property rights registration authority or any other controlling authorities. Disputes with controlling government authorities –always involves tons of paperwork and almost full uncooperativeness by authorities.

Every business that has come across tax notices/resolutions, disputes with the Antimonopoly Committee, or all other kinds of inspections by various government authorities making such disputes are equally difficult and important. In addition, disputes with the customs authorities deserve special attention, which, unfortunately, are the daily practice of companies related to trade, import and export.

VigoLex team provides superior services in matters of representation of interests in disputes with controlling authorities and shall help you pass such procedures quickly and with minimum losses. We will assist your business to competently challenge authorities’ decision of imposing financial sanctions, violation of economic competition requirements, asset freeze or arrestment of immovable property and other conflicts and disputes with government authorities.

Criminal disputes

Disputes with law enforcements, prosecutors and courts is a separate category. Such disputes assess and settle as criminal proceedings, which, from experience of VigoLex team, is the most difficult and complex in regards to law requirements and regulation.

Consequences of such actions, as shakedowns, seizure of property, assets freeze, etc., must appeal and solve in terms of criminal proceeding. Besides, accusation in evasion of taxes, swindling, unlawful legitimization of incomes, etc. – are subjects of criminal proceedings.

VigoLex team has many years of experience in representing business interests in disputes with authorities in field of criminal proceedings. Developed expertise of our team allows us efficiently and reliably protect interests of our clients in disputes with law enforcements, prosecutors and the court.

Legal examination of VigoLex team allows us provide personalized solution of specific situation in disputes with government authorities for any business.

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