Legal support of legal proceedings

Legal proceedings are defined by the law as any judicial, investigating or other procedure that provided by the law. As you understand, this term includes all such known procedures, as shakedowns, asset freezes, subpoenas for interrogation, property seizures, and other actions by the prosecutors’ office, court or law enforcements.

VigoLex team provides services of legal support of your business interests in terms of any type of legal proceedings. As a matter of VigoLex team experience, the most common forms of legal proceedings, where business needs qualified legal support, are following:

Company shakedown

Shakedown – a scary notion for any businessperson. It comes always unexpectedly, and leaves an inner emptiness behind. Such emptiness can be avoided, if qualified lawyer accompanies such shakedown. If your company was visited with the shakedown – you should not let authorities inside until your lawyer arrives – such right is granted by the current legislation and the Constitution of Ukraine.

Lawyer attendance during shakedown will help to prevent illegal actions of law enforcement authorities, and also prevent any rash acts of your employees

Also recording any actions of law enforcements on video can become a deterrent measure for them and valuable evidence in future during litigation.

Seizure and arrest of property

Every businessperson knows, that property seizure or asset freeze can, as a minimum, will paralyze company activity and as a maximum – shall become the reason for shutdown. That is why important prevent this situation from happening, or avert such arrest or seizure as soon as possible.

VigoLex team has vast experience in matters of appealing decisions to asset freezing and property seizure, which accompany almost every shakedown in any company. VigoLex lawyers will help you to get back your assets or property to let you continue your business activity.

Subpoena for interrogation

Unfortunately, interrogations in reality does not look like one in American films. That is why lawyers’ attendance during interrogations – is a “must have” for those, who want to continue their business activity after interrogation ending.

VigoLex team will help you properly prepare for interrogation, develop strategy and possible action roadmaps during interrogations and communication with investigator. Besides, lawyer’s attendance on your side during interrogation will significantly decrease possibility of illegal actions or provocative acts by investigator.

Disputes with law enforcements

Unfortunately, possible proceedings of law enforcements, prosecutors and courts go beyond three aforementioned actions. You never know, how will start your day: with a cup of coffee or with subpoena to prosecutor.

VigoLex team provides legal services for your business interests in terms of any possible relations between business, law enforcements, prosecutors and courts. Our team will help you quickly, reliably and safely solve the matters, connected to proceedings with previously mentioned authorities.

VigoLex team has vast working experience in the field of legal support of proceedings and successfully protecting their clients’ interests against law enforcements, prosecutors and courts.

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