Medical practice license

Who can obtain a medical practice license

Before starting a medical practice, it is necessary to determine the organizational and legal form of your enterprise. It can be a legal entity or a private entrepreneur.

  • A legal entity can carry out its activities through hospitals, clinics, etc. The staff should have the position of the chief physician – the head of a medical institution, who has a diploma in the specialty “Organization and Management of Health Care”.
  • A private entrepreneur who has a medical education. Otherwise, a private entrepreneur is obliged to staff with medical and non-medical workers in accordance with the declared specialties.

What documents are required to obtain a license

 If you decide to obtain a medical practice license, you need to prepare the following package of documents:

  • application for a license;
  • information about the personnel, indicating the qualification level and education;
  • information on the condition of the material and technical base;
  • inventory of documents attached to the application.

What you need to know about the premises requirements

After registering a business entity (enterprise), you need to take care of the premises where you, in fact, plan to conduct medical practice and provide medical services. The premises in which the activities are planned to be carried out must meet the sanitary standards, which is confirmed by the act of sanitary and epidemiological examination of the facility by the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection (the SES act).

The premises can be rented or owned, but they must be of proper functional purpose and belong to a non-residential fund.

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What are the requirements for medical equipment

Each premise of the hospital, clinic is equipped with techniques in accordance with the tables of room equipment approved by the Ministry of Health.

When the SES act is already in hand, you should take care of the metrological verification of the equipment that is planned to be used in the implementation of medical practice, if it is subject to mandatory metrological verification. It is also necessary to have certificates and other documents required by law.

What are the requirements for personnel       

Please note that the medical staff must prove their qualifications. In this case, the following are suitable:

  • state-recognized higher education document;
  • certificate of doctor-specialist (pharmacist-specialist);
  • certificate of assignment (confirmation) of the relevant qualification category from medical (pharmacist) specialties;
  • certificate of completion of professional development.
  • work experience – 5 years;possibly less than 3 years – if you have an internship at the Ministry of Health.

If a license for a health care institution is issued, then when hiring a chief physician, he or she must also confirm the presence of higher education in order to confirm his or her qualifications. This will require:

  • state-recognized higher education document;
  • availability of specialization “Organization and Management of Health Care”;
  • work experience for the last 5 years.

What to do if you need a license for multiple doctors    

If you decide to obtain a multi-doctor license, you need to obtain one multi-specialty license.

Thus, for example, in the case of the provision of pediatric and pediatric dentistry services at the same time, when submitting documents for the issuance of a license, it is necessary to indicate two types of medical practice.

What to do if not everything meets the license requirements

There is no need to try to “resolve” the issue of obtaining a license, or somehow cheat with the documents required for filing with the Ministry of Health. If you try to mislead the Ministry of Health, then sooner or later your license will be revoked, and there will be no more opportunity to obtain a new license.

Moreover, when it comes to medicine, do not forget that the main object of a relationship is the life and health of patients who depend on you. Therefore, once again it is necessary to check the compliance with all of the above requirements before applying for a medical license.

What is the probability of obtaining a medical license

When preparing documents independently, there is a high risk of the Ministry of Health refusal to issue a license, since it is necessary to collect and check the availability of a huge package of documents, while knowing the specifics of issuing a license for medical activities.

We recommend that when preparing to submit documents for medical licensing, contact a law firm for legal support. Please note that any inaccuracy in the submitted documents may in the future be interpreted by the Ministry as deliberate misleading of the licensing authority.

Remember that the responsibility for such actions is the license cancellation with a prohibition to apply for its renewal for a long time. Experienced lawyers in this area of law will help to avoid pitfalls, explain all the features of this area of activity, while ensuring the fastest possible resolution of this issue.

What is the term for documents consideration

After submitting the above documents, the Ministry of Health conducts the commission at which all submitted applications are considered. The commission meeting is held every Thursday. Based on its results, the commission on the official website of the Ministry of Health issues the result of obtaining a license or refusal to issue a license. In practice, on average, the result of obtaining a license can be expected from 3 to 6 weeks.

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