License for precursors and narcotic drugs

Stages of obtaining a license for precursors

Before starting an activity related to the circulation of precursors and narcotic drugs, it is necessary to determine the organizational and legal form of your enterprise. Moreover, this can be done both as a legal entity and as a private entrepreneur.

At the same time, the head of the enterprise must have a higher education, confirmed by a diploma, as well as obtain a certificate from a narcologist.

The process of obtaining a license for precursors includes the following stages:

  • advising on the necessary documents for obtaining a license;
  • analysis of available documents;
  • preparation of an application and information on the condition of the material and technical base (where the number of personnel exceeds 10 people);
  • selection and verification of the premises in which the activities with precursors will be carried out
  • formation of a package of individual certificates, including for personnel (drug addiction certificate, police clearance certificate);
  • submission of documents to the licensing authority;
  • monitoring of the case consideration and the availability of a decision on the license issuance;
  • provision of payment details for the license issuance and, accordingly, payment for the administrative service for the license issuance.

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Who needs such a license

A valid license to carry out economic activities for the circulation of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors must be granted to those representatives of specialized assistance who plan to submit proposals for the following packages:

  • emergency medical care;
  • stroke treatment;
  • heart attack treatment;
  • medical care during childbirth;
  • neonatal care;
  • surgical operations;
  • inpatient care;
  • readiness to respond to infectious diseases and epidemics;
  • treatment of tuberculosis on an outpatient and inpatient basis;
  • chemotherapy treatment of oncology;
  • radiological treatment of oncology;
  • treatment of hematological and oncohematological diseases;
  • inpatient psychiatric care;
  • treatment with the use of substitution therapy drugs;
  • inpatient palliative care.

Necessary documents

The list of documents that are submitted to the licensing authority for obtaining a license is approved by the Licensing Conditions for the implementation of economic activities for the cultivation of plants included in Table I of the list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, development, production, manufacture, storage, transportation, acquisition, sale (release), import into the territory of Ukraine, export from the territory of Ukraine, use, destruction of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors included in the specified list, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 06.04.2016 No. 282.

Thus, to obtain a license for precursors, you will need to prepare:

  • a copy of the passport and identification code – for PE;
  • EDRPOU code – for legal entities;
  • information on activities with precursors (production, transportation, storage, use, disposal, purchase, sale, import, export)
  • bank details;
  • a notarized copy of the education diploma of the company head;
  • a certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs stating that the workers who will have access to narcotic, psychotropic substances or precursors have no unreleased or outstanding convictions related to illegal trafficking in such substances;
  • copies of diplomas of all employees who will have access to work with precursors;
  • permission of the National Police for the use of facilities and premises;
  • a copy of the document that confirms the ownership (or lease agreement) to the facilities where economic activities for the storage and use of precursors are carried out;

Also keep in mind that the company that will be engaged in the transportation of these substances must receive all the same medical certificates for the driver as for all personnel (a certificate of no criminal record and a certificate from a narcologist), as well as a certificate of the vehicle admission for transportation of hazardous substances.

Cost and terms

When calculating the cost of obtaining a license for the circulation of precursors and narcotic drugs, it should be taken into account that the cost of services primarily depends on the number of personnel involved in working with precursors.

The terms of obtaining a license for precursors to carry out the relevant activity depends on the legal competence of the applicant. The best solution would be to contact a specialist in this area of law, otherwise obtaining a license for precursors may take many months. However, in the case of a professionally developed strategy, the process of processing all the necessary documents can take up to 10 days, from the moment the documents specified in the list above are received from the customer.

After the licensing authority publishes on its website the decision to issue a license for precursors, it is necessary to make the official payment according to the details for paying the state duty: one living wage for able-bodied persons, for October 2021, in the amount of 2379 hryvnas. According to the current legislation, the license fee for precursors must be paid no later than 10 working days from the date of the decision to issue it. Delay in payment even for one day is the basis for the license revocation.

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