Dental license

What is a dental license, who issues it and how?

Before obtaining a dental license, you need to determine the legal form of your business. Moreover, this can be done both as a legal entity and as an individual entrepreneur.

 – A legal entity that can carry out its activities through hospitals, clinics, etc. The staff shall include the position of the chief physician – the head of a medical institution with a diploma in the specialty “Organization and Management of Health Care”.

– An individual entrepreneur who has a medical degree. Otherwise, an individual entrepreneur is obliged to be staffed with medical and non-medical workers in accordance with the declared specialties. 

What are the requirements for a private dental office (clinic)?

After registering a business entity (enterprise), you need to take care of the premises where you, in fact, plan to conduct medical practice and provide medical services. The premise in which the activities are planned to be carried out must meet sanitary standards, which is confirmed by the act of sanitary and epidemiological inspection of the facility by the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection (the SES act).

It should be taken into account that the premises of the dental office must comply with the standards specified in the SBN (the State Building Norms) В.2.2-10-2001. Buildings and constructions. Health care institutions and the SBN В.2.2-15: 2019 Residential buildings. Basic provisions.

Thus, the laboratory premises cannot be located in a residential building; they must have a separate exit and an emergency exit. The area of one dental office must be at least 14 m2 per dental unit (chair).

If several dentists work in the same room, then you need to provide plus one dental unit (chair) and plus from 10 m2 for each subsequent dentist.

Keep in mind that if there is an X-ray room in the dental office, then some other restrictions are imposed on such a premise.

In such dental offices, no more than 100 pictures per week should be taken when conducting targeted X-ray examinations and no more than 50 when using an orthopantomograph. This will avoid exceeding the annual radiation dose of medical personnel. The operator’s workplace should be at least 4 m2, equipped with a protective cabin or screen.

The requirements for the equipment operation increase the safety not only of medical personnel, but also of citizens living in houses where there are dental offices and clinics. If dental offices are located in older residential buildings, materials and floor thickness must be considered. If necessary, you need to make a special ceiling protection to ensure reliable anti-radiation protection.

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What needs to be provided, besides the premises and equipment for obtaining a medical license for a dental office (clinic)?

Please note that medical staff must prove their qualifications. In this case, the following are suitable:

  • a document on higher education of the state standard;
  • certificate of a specialist doctor (specialist pharmacist);
  • certificate of assignment (confirmation) of the relevant qualification category from medical (pharmacological) specialties;
  • certificate of completion of professional development.
  • work experience – 5 years, or less than 3 years, if you have an internship at the Ministry of Public Health.

If you have the SES act in your hands, you should take care of the metrological verification of the equipment that is planned to be used in the implementation of medical practice, if it is subject to mandatory metrological verification. It is also necessary to have certificates and other documents stipulated by law.

Necessary documents

If you decide to obtain a dental license, you need to prepare the following list of documents:

  1. Application for a license;
  2. Information about the available staff, indicating the qualification level and education;
  3. Information about the state of the material and technical base;
  4. List of documents attached to the application.

Also prepare the following notarized copies of documents:

  • Notarized copy of statutory documents or its electronic version;
  • Document confirming the ownership or lease of real estate;
  • Documents confirming the ownership or lease of the equipment used in the operation of the MRI room;
  • Data on the institution structure and the personnel;
  • the SES Act.

Cost of license issuance

The cost of opening a dental office, in addition to the cost of renting premises and covering utility costs, includes the administrative fee, in the amount of one living wage for capable persons, at the time of issuing a license for medical practice.

As of October 2021, the amount of one living wage for capable persons is 2379 hryvnas. This fee is paid within 10 days after the decision of the commission of the Ministry of Public Health on the granting of a dental license.

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