License for MRI/CT

Requirements for the premises for the MRI installation in Ukraine

Before obtaining a license for MRI, you need to decide on the room in which the MRI procedures will be performed, since there is a strict list of requirements for such a room. First of all, a MRI device can be located only in a non-residential premise on the 1st floor. Also, the room must have special protection against magnetic waves – the so-called Faraday cage.

The MRI room itself consists of the following rooms:

  • control room, from 10 m2.
  • procedural room, from 24 m2.
  • Technical room, from 10 m2.
  • MRI doctor’s room, from 18 m2.

Please note that it is forbidden to place the Diagnostic Room in an adjacent room with wards for treating children, keeping newborns, pregnant women, as well as with the departments of cardiology, anesthesiology and intensive care. Also, the supporting structures of the room must withstand the load created by the tomograph and the personnel.

At a distance of 10 meters from the diagnostic room, the presence of metal structures that affect the magnetic field is excluded. The technical room must be equipped with a water supply and drain, as well as emergency ventilation.

Also, do not forget that the design of the ceiling, walls, floor in the room set aside for the place of diagnostics should reduce the level of electromagnetic radiation, setting the level of the latter within the established standards.

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What should be considered when opening an MRI room in Ukraine?

It should be noted right away that there is low competition in the provision of MRI medical services – the high cost of MRI equipment and a large number of requirements for the arrangement of premises affect.

It is also necessary to correctly select the personnel, since if you do not have a radiologist, radiologist or laboratory assistant, you will simply be denied a license to open a MRI. Carefully check the personnel when hiring, the presence of all certificates and educational documents, since not only your reputation will depend on this, but also the life and health of your patients.

It should be noted that it is much more difficult to obtain a MRI license than a physician’s license. Therefore, in order to achieve the result, it is best to apply to experienced lawyers who will help to collect a full package of documents, obtain the necessary permits from regulatory authorities, and get rid of possible problems in the future, solving them even at the stage of obtaining a license.

Documents for opening a MRI room

The opening of a MRI room is preceded by a standard procedure – it is necessary to register an enterprise, obtain a medical license, obtain a SES act (act of a sanitary and epidemiological station), hire qualified personnel, and buy all the necessary equipment. With it, it is necessary to prepare the following documents:

  • Application for a license;
  • Notarized copy of statutory documents or its electronic version;
  • Document confirming the ownership or lease of real estate;
  • Documents confirming the ownership or lease of the equipment used in the operation of the MRI room;
  • Data on the institution structure and the personnel;
  • SES act;
  • List of all documents;

 Cost and terms

It is necessary to understand that the very cost of a MRI device, high requirements for the premises, difficulties in obtaining a MRI license form a very high threshold for entering this area of medical care. So, at the moment, the approximate cost of opening a MRI room in 2021 is from $ 100,000 and more, depending on the model of the device, the price tag for protection against magnetic waves, etc.

At the same time, difficulties in obtaining a license determine the terms for opening a MRI room, which can take up to 6 months. Therefore, the best solution would be to apply to specialists who will help you with the collection and submission of documents, the selection of premises and equipment, the recruitment of personnel in order to protect you from the refusal of a MRI license.

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