Internet and e-commerce

Nowadays, the Internet has become an unlimited platform of information exchange, data transmitting, receiving impressions, as well as for making and spending money. Millions and possibly billions of various paid and free agreements are concluded daily on the Internet. E-commerce is gradually replacing traditional types of economic relations.

In such circumstances, it is important for each person and company to protect their rights and interests, regardless of whether it sells, buys, searches for information, advertises its services. One needs to receive a specific product or service while others want to receive timely and full payment for this. It is important for someone that as many people as possible get access to certain information, but for others, on the contrary, it is fundamental that only a limited circle of people can access to certain data. And, of course, the protection of personal data and intellectual property rights in a digital environment is important for everyone.

Legal Internet security is a relatively new field of activity for lawyers, but it is extremely relevant today. The VigoLex team understands the difficulties of this area, taking into account that generally counterparties never meet each other as they are in different parts of the world. Therefore traditional methods of legal protection including judicial ones are often inoperative. In such circumstances, VigoLex specialists take measures to maximize сlient security from potential risks on the Internet. They can help to develop public offer agreements (Terms of Use and Privacy Policy), take into account GDPR restrictions regarding the protection of personal data, as well as to protect intellectual property rights.

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