Protection of Honor, Dignity and Business Reputation

In recent years, more and more people, especially politically exposed persons (PEPs) and accomplished businessmen, have fallen prey to “black PR” through the spread of false negative information in the media and the Internet. Dissemination of explicitly promoted stories not only damages the image of these individuals, but also creates tangible problems in politics or business. Among other things, negative posts or videos can cause a denial of setting up private bank accounts or create additional obstacles when completing all kinds of compliance and company registration checks, obtaining of licenses and other permits, etc.

Representation of individuals in defamation cases involves not only refuting and removing negative information, but also proving its inaccuracy in court. The VigoLex team has sufficient experience in this area and is ready to offer a multi-vector campaign to restore and protect the image of PEP.

VigoLex provides the following services concerning defamation cases:

  • preparation of documents to appeal to Google and other search engines, requesting the removal or blocking of false information disseminated on the Internet;
  • preparation of appeals to the representatives of websites, demanding the removal of false information from the Internet;
  • preparation of statements of claims for recognition of negative information as inaccurate and its refutation;
  • preparation of applications for establishing the fact of dissemination of false information;
  • appeal to the executive authorities on the enforcement of court decisions on the refutation of false information;
  • assistance in creating a positive PEP image.
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