Information Technology

In the modern world, information technologies touch the lives of the vast majority of the world’s population. We are so accustomed to this that we almost don’t take it into consideration, although before each new running computer program, downloaded application, our phone’s update, which make our life even easier and more comfortable, there is a long and painstaking work of a whole team of IT experts and lawyers who were able to create the conditions for release of such a program or service.

However, as in other business areas, there is unfair competition in the IT market, violation of intellectual property rights, litigations, conflicts, and sometimes even wars and cybercrime.

The VigoLex team is ready for such challenges and can provide complex assistance to IT companies, startups, customers of IT products and individual IT specialists. We’re specialized in legal support of IT business, and we can professionally provide consulting services for entering the market, legal registration of rights for computer programs, software, websites, and other related products, protecting information and personal data in a digital environment, as well as in other areas related to cybersecurity and e-commerce.

In addition, VigoLex experts know the niceties and nuances of the legal IT regulation in Ukraine, the USA, and EU countries, so they understand how to take advantage of the conflicts and inconsistencies existing between different legal systems in order to optimize the existing IT business and achieve client goals more effectively.

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